Learn Spanish Days of the Week: Fun Spanish Songs for Kids

In this post: Find everything you need to learn Spanish days of the week with your kids with fun songs for kids. Post may contain affiliate links.

If you are a parent who wants to teach your children Spanish, one of the first things to start with is the days of the week. Learning los días de la semana can be a fun activity that engages your child and helps them develop their language skills.

It’s important to practice consistently with your child, preferably every day, until they become familiar with the names and order of the days. That’s where this blog post comes in! You can learn a new song and sing it each day with your child in Spanish.

 Let’s get started!

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What are the Days of the Week in Spanish

First things first, let’s learn the days of the week in Spanish. If you’re learning alongside your children, I recommend copying down the words below to use as your daily Spanish reference guide. The act of writing the words will help you remember them!

lunes (loo-nehs) – Monday

martes (mahr-tehs) – Tuesday

miércoles (myehr-koh-lehs) – Wednesday

jueves (weh-behs) – Thursday

viernes (byehr-nehs) – Friday

sábado (sah-bah-doh) – Saturday

domingo (doh-meen-goh) – Sunday

a graphic with an orange background and all the days of the week in Spanish listed out in different colors

How can music help kids learn Spanish?

Music can be a powerful tool for teaching children Spanish. By listening to Spanish songs and practicing simple exercises, children can improve their pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar skills. Repetition is key to language learning, and music provides a fun and engaging way for kids to practice new words and phrases. The rhythms and melodies of Spanish music can also help children develop an ear for the language, making it easier to understand and speak. 

Additionally, music can help children connect emotionally to the language and culture they are learning about. By singing and dancing along to Spanish songs, kids can deepen their appreciation and understanding of the language, making their learning experience more enjoyable and effective.

Fun Spanish Songs for Kids

These songs have catchy tunes and lyrics that will make it easier for children and adults to memorize the days of the week in Spanish. Enjoy!

Teaching your kids to read in Spanish?

Grab my Spanish phonics workbook for kids! This workbook is VALUE PACKED with over 200 pages of Spanish phonics lessons, handwriting practice, word building and more. Plus you get some super sweet bonuses and (almost!) everything you need to teach your kiddo how to read in Spanish. For bilinguals and beginners alike, this is an invaluable resource to have on hand for your little bilinguals. 

Spanish Children's Books for Learning Los Días de la Semana

Using Spanish children’s books is another powerful language! Check out these 5 awesome bilingual books to teach the days of the week in Spanish:

1. El Domingo by Sarah Jett: What happens during the week? Read about different places, different foods and drinks, en español!

2. “La Oruga Muy Hambrienta” by Eric Carle: Follow along as this hungry caterpillar eats a new thing each day! This is also a great book for learning about food in Spanish.

3. “Sol Solecito” by Canticos: This is a wonderful nursery rhyme, and also a super cute bilingual board book to teach your young children!

4. “Family Poems for Every Day of the Week” by Francisco Alarcón: This book features whimsical illustrations with new daily poems in Spanish and English.

5. “My Week/Mi Semana” by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza: This charming bilingual board book highlights the weekly routine of a sweet bilingual family. 

Learning the Spanish Basics with Kids

Learning and teaching the basics in Spanish can feel daunting, especially if you’re learning Spanish alongside your children! That’s why I created Con mi Familia.

Con mi Familia is a play based Spanish immersion course and curriculum for preschoolers and their families. This hands-on Spanish course is designed for families who want to learn Spanish basics side by side with their children, while creating a bilingual learning environment right at home. Con mi Familia is a great course for Spanish beginners or intermediate speakers who want a lot of instructional language support for themselves and their family. 

Con mi Familia - Spanish preschool course and curriculum

Con mi Familia will cover exciting and helpful basics en español like:

  • Numbers
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Spanish Alphabet
  • Greetings and Introductions
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Animals! Farm animals, jungle animals, ocean animals…lots of fun learning happening!
  • …and so much more!

Fun Spanish Games to Play While you Learn

Make your Spanish lessons come to life with these fun and interactive games to learn and practice los días:

1. Bingo: Use a blank bingo card and write the days of the week randomly. Call out the days and have your kids mark them off.

2. Memory game: Create pairs of cards with all the days written in Spanish. Turn the cards upside down and have children take turns flipping them to find pairs.

3. Pirate (played like hangman but you draw a pirate instead): Choose a día de la semana and then write the dashed lines on the board for the number of letters in that word. Have your kids try to guess the word by suggesting letters.

4. Charades: Act out specific activities that you do on certain days while everyone else try to guess the day in Spanish.

5. Make art: Create your own weekly calendar! Use watercolor to paint a beautiful background, then use oil pastels or paint sticks to decorate.

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