10 Easy Hand Clapping Games for Kids to Learn Spanish

In this post: Read about these fun and easy hand clapping games to help kids learn Spanish! Post may contain affiliate links. 

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to help your child learn Spanish? Hand clapping games are a great way to engage kids and make language acquisition seem less daunting. By incorporating simple Spanish phrases and vocabulary into these games, children can develop their language skills while having fun at the same time.

In this blog post, I will teach you some of my favorite easy hand clapping games for kids to learn Spanish. These games are perfect for children of all ages and levels and can be played alone or with a group of friends. So, get ready to clap your hands and sing some catchy tunes while learning Spanish with me!

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How to Teach Kids Hand Clap Games

Learning hand clapping games in Spanish with kids is a fun and engaging way for them to learn the language while also improving their coordination and rhythm skills. To start, show the children the clapping pattern and repeat it with them until they have it memorized. Then, introduce the lyrics and encourage them to sing along while continuing the clapping pattern.

If the children are struggling with the words or rhythm, break it down and practice each part separately before putting it all together. Not only will the children enjoy themselves, but they will also be using their brains to learn new words and phrases in Spanish.

Helpful Spanish Vocabulary for Learning Hand Clapping Games

To say hand clapping games in Spanish, you would say “juegos de palmadas” or “juegos de manos”. You can also say “judges de palmas”.  For kids learning hand clapping games, some useful Spanish vocabulary includes:

1. Palmadas – clapping
2. Manos – hands
3. Ritmo – rhythm
4. Canciones – songs
5. Letras – lyrics
6. Movimientos – movements
7. Círculo – circle
8. Compañero(a) – partner
9. Adelante – forward
10. Atrás – backward

Learning and playing hand clapping games in Spanish can be a fun and interactive way for kids to improve their language skills and coordination. Encourage them to practice and have fun!

10 Spanish Hand Clap Games for Kids

Playing these hand clapping games in Spanish is a great way for kids to practice their language skills while having fun with their friends. Here are some of my favorite clapping games to teach bilingual kids and kids learning Spanish. 


Choco, choco, la, la
Choco, choco, te, te
Choco, la, choco, te

Las Vocales

I LOVE teaching this one to kids learning to read and learning letter sounds. This is a really fun way to make it more engaging learning the vowels.

Con la A, A, daba daba da
tengo una muñeca hecha de cristal
Con la E, E, debe debe de
Yo tengo una muñeca hecha de papel
Con la I, I, dibi dibi di
Yo tengo uns muñeca hecha de marfil
Con la O, O, dobo dobo do,
Yo tengo una muñeca hecha de cartón
Con la U, U, dubu dubu du,
Yo tengo una muñeca hecha como tú.

Por Aquí Paso Un Caballo

This hand clapping game is great for kids learning to count in Spanish!

Por aquí pasó un caballo,
con las patas al revés,
si me dices cuántas tiene,
te diré que 16,
1, 2, 3, 4,

Marinero que se fue a la mar

Marinero que se fue a la mar y mar y mar,
para ver que podía ver y ver y ver.
Y lo único que pudo ver y ver y ver,
fue el fondo de la mar y mar y mar y mar.

Las Vocales Mariquita

Another great hand clapping game for kids learning the Spanish vowels! 

  A A A, mariquita ya se va,

  E E E mariquita ya se fue,

  I I I mariquita no está aquí,

  O O O mariquita ya voló,

  U U U mariquita está en el club,

Tomando refresco Country Club,

Glup Glup Glup

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La Mariposa

Mari mari po po
mari mari sa sa
mari po mari sa
mari po sa

*Video starts at 2:39 for this specific game

El ratón chiquitín chiquitón

Era un ratón
chiquitín , chiquitón.
Se puso un chaquetín
chiquitín, chiquitón.

Tenía ojitos,
también bigote,
y cuatro pelos
en el cogote.
Y unos pendientes
en las orejas;
y zapatillas
pero muy viejas.

*The video has three parts, these lyrics are for the first one starting at 2:07. 



Pika arriba

Pika abajo

Pika a un lado

Pika al otro


*Movements for this start at 2:33 in this video

Zum zum zum de la juventud

Zum zum zum 

de la juventud

me acompañarás 

a cualquier lugar

Con la pepsi-pepsi-pepsi

Con la cola-cola-cola

Con la pep-si-co-la!


Palmas Palmitas

Palmas palmitas
Higos y castañitas
Azúcar y turrón
Para mi niño son

Palmas palmitas
que viene papa
Palmas palmitas que luego vendra
Palmas palmitas
Que viene mama
Palmas palmitas
Que en casa ya esta!

Hand clapping games can be a fun and effective way for kids to learn Spanish. By incorporating language learning into playtime, children are more likely to engage and retain the information. These games also help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills. As a caregiver or teacher, you can introduce hand clapping games to your child’s routine to help them practice vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar in an enjoyable way. With these games, children will have a blast while building their language skills, making language learning an exciting and enjoyable experience.

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