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In this post: A round up of the best Spanish games for kids. Learn Spanish with play through online games, interactive play for the classroom and home, and Spanish board games for kids. Post contains affiliate links.

Spanish is an incredibly useful language to learn, and starting at a young age is a great way to ensure fluency in the future. However, getting kids interested in learning a new language can be a challenge sometimes. Luckily, there are plenty of fun and engaging games that can help them learn while having a good time.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best Spanish games for kids that will help them learn the language and its vocabulary and grammar in a playful way. Whether your child is just starting out or already has some knowledge of the language, these games are sure to keep them entertained and motivated to improve their skills. So read on and discover the exciting world of Spanish games for kids!

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7 Engaging Spanish Boardgames for Kids

Board games offer a fun and interactive way for children to learn and practice their Spanish language skills. With a range of options available, here are 10 amazing Spanish board games for kids:

Taco Gato Cabra Queso Pizza: A fun and fast-paced Spanish game that is a mix between Slap Jack and Memory. This is a great game to play at home with your bilingual kids and Spanish learners. It’s also a great addition to any language classroom! Your kids and students will laugh so much while they learn Spanish. 

¿Adivina Quién?: I LOVED THIS GAME AS A KID! Phew. Too excited? I literally squealed when I saw this Spanish version. It is such an incredible way to practice asking questions and using descriptive words in Spanish. Who doesn’t love Guess Who? Now you can love it in Spanish and English! 

Gestos: High-speed charades in Spanish with multiple skill levels to every Spanish learner’s needs. This is a fun game for the whole family and is a great addition to any Spanish classroom. 

Tabú: Any Spanish game that gets kids to try to think of alternative ways to say a word is a winner in my book. This game is such a good brain workout! When I taught high school Spanish we played this every Friday and would make our own cards to match any vocabulary we were studying. It is such a great game for older kids learning Spanish at home! 

Bananagrams Español: Banangrams in Spanish is an incredible language learning game that can fit multiple ages and skill levels! My younger kids love using the tiles to practice copywork and do word searches that I set up for them. Older children will love playing with you to challenge themselves to see what words they can come up with. Add extra challenge by adding new rules: one word needs to be a type of animal, one word a color, etc. 

Serpientes y Escaleras: Shoots and Ladders, or SNAKES and ladders en español – this is a great Spanish board game for kids! It’s fun to play and really helps them practice handling frustration any time they get one of those pesky serpientes

Lotería: This is one of the most classic Spanish games for kids! You’ll find it in almost any Spanish classroom, and for good reason. This is played similarly to Bingo and provides great repetition and lots of fun for Spanish learners. 

Spanish Movement Games for Kids

There are many fun movement games you can play with kids to help them learn Spanish. Here are some options:

1. “Simon Says” – “Simón dice”
2. “Red Light, Green Light” – “Luz Roja, Luz Verde”
3. “The Hokey Pokey” – “La Canción del Hokey Pokey”
4. “Duck, Duck, Goose” – “Pato, Pato, Ganso”
5. “Hot Potato” – “La Papa Caliente”
6. “Obstacle Course” – “La Carrera de Obstáculos”
7. “Mother May I?” – “Madre, ¿Puedo?”
8. “Freeze Dance” – “Baile y Párate”
9. “Follow the Leader” – “Sigue al Líder”
10. “Jump Rope” – “La cuerda.”

These games offer a great way to have fun and improve language skills at the same time.

Spanish Card Games for Kids

Spanish card games are a great way to introduce children to the language in an engaging and enjoyable way. Some of the best Spanish card games for kids include:

1. Uno: This classic game is easy to learn and can be played with a Spanish twist by having players say their card colors and numbers in Spanish.

2. Chinchón: This game is similar to rummy and involves creating sets of cards in the same suit or sequence.

3. Baraja española: This traditional Spanish card deck features different suits and can be used to play a variety of games.

4. Go Fish – This classic card game can be adapted to help kids learn Spanish vocabulary. Instead of asking for cards based on their numerical value or suit, players can ask for cards based on a specific vocabulary word.

5. Memory – This game involves turning over cards and trying to find matching pairs. In this version, kids can match Spanish vocabulary words with their corresponding English translations.

6. Old Maid – Similar to Go Fish, but with the added twist of an “Old Maid” card that nobody wants to end up with. In the Spanish version, players can match vocabulary words with their corresponding pictures.

7. Crazy Eights – In this game, players try to get rid of all their cards by matching either the suit or the number of the top card on the discard pile. For the Spanish version, players can match vocabulary words with their corresponding pictures or definitions.

Overall, these games help children to practice their Spanish vocabulary and grammar while having fun with friends and family.

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Online Spanish Games for Kids

There are many fun online Spanish games available for kids that can help them learn and practice their Spanish language skills. Some popular games include:

1. Duolingo – a fun and interactive app that teaches Spanish through various lessons, games, and challenges.

2. Calico Spanish – a website that offers interactive games, quizzes, and videos designed specifically for kids learning Spanish.

3. Rockalingua – a website that offers catchy songs, videos, and games to engage kids in learning Spanish.

4. PBS Kids Spanish Games – a website that offers a variety of games and activities in Spanish, featuring popular characters like Dora the Explorer.

These games can help make learning Spanish fun and engaging for kids, while also helping them to develop their language skills.

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In conclusion, engaging Spanish games offer a fun and effective way for kids to learn the language. By providing interactive and entertaining activities, children can develop their language skills while having fun. These games help reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation while keeping children engaged. Additionally, these games can also provide cultural insights and expose kids to the diverse traditions and customs of Spanish-speaking countries. Overall, incorporating Spanish games into a child’s language learning routine is an excellent way to accelerate their learning and create a positive learning environment.

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