Free Spanish Learning: How to teach beginning sounds at home

There are so many amazing ways to learn beginning letter sounds in Spanish! I made these cards for my own kiddos as we dive deeper into our letter learning, slowly but intentionally, with lots of play. Here are FIVE different ways you can use these to help your little one learn and practice their letter sounds. 

FIVE fun and engaging ways to use these cards:

1. Cut them into long strips leaving the letters attached to their corresponding nature image. This is an amazing way to introduce these cards to your children. Working with one letter at a time, go through each word while you emphasize the beginning sound and point to the letter as you say it. Keep the letters and pictures together in one strip until they start to feel more confident. 

2. Matching game time! Once they are feeling more confident after working with the long strips for a little bit, you can begin cutting each individual card free. Start with just two letters at a time and see if they can play a matching game with the pictures. They can either match the beginning sounds or the picture with the letters. You can have them face up to begin and then flip them face down for a challenge. 

Spanish learning at home

3. Pairing the cards with small objects! This is a classic Montessori work for young children, taking small objects for them to use during beginning sounds. I am slowly building up my collection using tiny plastic toys, erasers or other miniatures I can find. I don’t want to spend too much money on these so I’m always just looking for sales to stock up on as we build our supplies. You can also find things outside to use with these nature cards! 

4. I spy….this is another classic activity to do when teaching beginning sounds! You can have multiple cards out on a table with different beginning sounds and ask your child to look for certain ones. Saying “Veo, veo algo que empieza con….” and then fill in the sound. If they choose the wrong one, you can correct them by saying something like “Hmmm, escogiste mono, mono empieza con mmm, puedes encontrar algo que empieza con…” to help guide them. This is a great activity to do whenever you introduce new letters with others you have already worked with! 

5. My all time favorite, hide and seek! I love to hide these cards all over my house and ask my kids to go running around looking for them. When they find them, they have to call out what they find and the sound it makes. This is a great way to get them practicing the sounds while having a lot of fun! I also have them run it over to me and put it either with the letter of the sound it makes or other pictures that make the same sound! 

There you have it my friends –  so many ways to use these cards. I hope you enjoy these Spanish nature themed beginning sounds cards! 

Wanting even more Spanish resources for letter learning? Check these out from Creciendo Montessori! Mine will always have a nature theme but I really love theirs. 

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