Halloween pumpkins with leaves and pine cones

Fun & Free Spanish Halloween Scavenger Hunt | Learn Spanish every day!

Who says you can’t learn Spanish at home every day?! No matter the weather, no matter the season, you turn any event into a playful and engaging Spanish lesson. With Halloween right around the corner, I wanted to create a free Halloween scavenger hunt Spanish worksheet for you. 

This Spanish scavenger hunt can be used on the days leading up to Halloween, or save it for the night of to bring a little extra excitement. You can offer prizes for anyone who spots something on the list, and double the treat when your child can repeat the Spanish Halloween words with you!

Think outside the box – you can also use this Spanish Halloween scavenger hunt for different hands-on Spanish games like charades, spot it, or even story telling. 

Want to learn even more Spanish at home this Halloween?

Check out my favorite Spanish books for learning in autumn, highlighting some awesome Spanish Halloween books! 

This is just the beginning of your Spanish learning at home! If you are wanting even more hands-on Spanish resources, check out more Spanish freebies on my blog. 

Make sure you check out my hands-on and screen free Spanish courses for kids of all ages. Whether you want a play based preschool Spanish course, or a bilingual nature study curriculum for your elementary age children or teens – we have Spanish learning resources for everyone! Don’t wait, play based Spanish immersion is ready, are you?