Top 12 Spanish Nature Shows for Kids – Learn Spanish while Watching TV

In this post: Read about the best Spanish nature shows and documentaries for kids available on Netflix, Disney+ and Youtube! These are our favorite Spanish TV shows for learning Spanish at home.

I have spent months and years searching for my favorite Spanish nature shows for my children, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Whether you are looking for fun Spanish TV shows to watch with your children, or you want to immerse yourselves in Spanish with a great nature documentary – this list has something for everyone! This list focuses on Spanish TV shows for kids available on Netflix, Disney+, and Youtube. 

We have strict rules when it comes to screen time in my house for our children, and I always make sure to leverage any TV time to immerse my children in Spanish. This way my children can learn Spanish while they watch TV. How do I do this?! It is simple my friends. You change everything you watch to have Spanish audio! If you get any complaints, you give your children a simple choice. Do they want to watch TV in Spanish? Or, do they want to turn the TV off? This might sound harsh, but it is a simple reality that they will quickly adjust to. 

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Why watch TV in Spanish with young kids?

Learning Spanish through TV with Spanish audio is an engaging and effective way for kids to pick up language skills. It’s like spending time with native Spanish speakers without leaving home, providing a genuine feel for pronunciation, intonation, and everyday expressions. Exposure to diverse scenarios and accents contributes to a well-rounded language education.

Watching TV with Spanish audio also enhances listening comprehension. Kids naturally grasp the language’s rhythm and flow, crucial for effective communication. Exposure to various accents and speeds helps them adapt to different Spanish speakers, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the language.

Moreover, integrating Spanish audio into TV time transforms language learning into an enjoyable activity. Who doesn’t want more screen time?! Immersed in captivating stories and characters, children find the learning process less daunting, cultivating a positive attitude towards language acquisition. This approach makes Spanish a source of enjoyment beyond the educational setting. In essence, TV with Spanish audio is an amazing way to leverage your screen time and make it work for your language learning goals, without feeling like work! 

How to Watch TV in Spanish with Kids

Now that we know why it is so beneficial for your children to learn Spanish while watching TV, let’s learn how to change your streaming provider settings to get Spanish audio on your movies and shows.  

How to Watch Netflix in Spanish

To switch Netflix audio to Spanish while watching a show:
  1. Click on your profile icon.
  2. Choose “Account.”
  3. Select your profile.
  4. Under “Language,” pick “Español” for the “Audio language preference.”
  5. Save changes.
  6. Return to your show; it will now play in Spanish.

Note: The steps may vary slightly depending on the device you are using. If you encounter any difficulties, refer to Netflix’s official support resources for specific instructions for your device.

How to Watch Disney+ in Spanish

  1. Open Disney+ and log in.

  2. Choose the profile.

  3. Pick the show.

  4. Start playing.

  5. Look for settings (gear icon).

  6. Find “Audio” or “Language.”

  7. Select “Spanish.”

  8. Save changes.

  9. Exit settings.

  10. Enjoy your show in Spanish!

Remember, the exact steps might vary slightly depending on the device you’re using. If you encounter any difficulties, refer to Disney+’s official support resources for specific instructions for your device.

Spanish Nature Shows for Kids on Netflix

This is the most popular show in my house lately. From jungles to costal seas and frozen worlds – your children can learn new Spanish nature words, adjectives and phrases all while learning about the beautiful world we live in. The best part? It’s an amazing show in Spanish too!

This is a really silly show and it is great when dubbed over in Spanish. It has fun songs, goofy footage of animals, and explores some wild nature finds! Each episode is engaging and this is a great TV show for your kids to watch to immerse themselves in Spanish. 

Wild Babies on Netflix stands out as a fantastic nature show for kids, and possibly the cutest show too! It cleverly weaves nature study with sweet stories about animals growing up in the wild. This is a heartwarming and captivating nature show that is perfect for learning Spanish with kids and cultivating an appreciation for the natural world.

The Hidden Lives of Pets unravels the secret world of our furry friends, blending heartwarming tales with hilarious escapades. This nature show offers a charming glimpse into the daily adventures and quirks of our beloved pets, bringing laughter and a deeper appreciation for the bond we share with them. It is a great show to watch in Spanish and your children will love learning more about these familiar animals!

Spanish Cartoons for Kids with a Nature Twist

Oh Noah – This is a great Spanish cartoon for kids who are beginning Spanish learners. Noah goes on all kinds of adventures, and learns Spanish on the way. I love that he actively learns Spanish during the show, which can help your child feel comfortable learning right alongside him!

Puffin Rock – This is such a sweet show about Oona and her baby brother Baba as they explore and learn side by side. This is such a great show dubbed over in Spanish and is an amazing way to immerse your children in Spanish and nature based learning. This will become a favorite for your family! You can watch it on Netflix and perhaps you can find some videos on Youtube too. 

Dora the Explorer  – Dora is a total classic when it comes to Spanish cartoons for kids! This is another show that is great for beginners and has catchy songs and episodes for your children to enjoy as they learn Spanish.

The Magic School Bus – Another great classic that is amazing dubbed over in Spanish! We love watching The Magic School Bus in Spanish and my children have so much fun following Ms.Frizzle and all her students on new adventures. It is a great way of bringing in lots of new Spanish immersion for nature and science themes, and is guaranteed to be a hit. This Spanish show is available on Netflix with a few episodes on Youtube. 

David El Gnomo – David the gnome was originally created in Spain, which makes it a perfect Spanish TV show for kids! This show follows David and all his friends on adventures throughout the forest. Whether David is taking care of an injured deer, meeting a friendly porcupine, or saves a sick fox – the nature adventures of David el Gnomo are absolutely enchanting! You can watch full episodes of this awesome Spanish cartoon for kids on Youtube.

Spanish Nature Documentaries for Kids

Mexico Untamed takes young viewers on a captivating journey through the diverse landscapes of Mexico, introducing them to its unique wildlife. This documentary weaves Spanish and adventure, offering a delightful exploration of nature for kids. This is a great documentary to watch with kids doing cultural studies about Mexico too! 

This nature documentary is absolutely stunning! When you set this movie in Spanish, you instantly create an immersive learning experience for your children to learn all about butterflies. This nature documentary is available on Disney+, and your children will love watching it in Spanish! 

Dive deep into Spanish learning with this ocean themed nature documentary. We love learning all about ocean creatures in Spanish while watching this movie. It is also perfect to go along with any ocean themed Spanish learning you are doing at home. 

Alright families, I hope you love this list of my favorite Spanish nature shows for kids! Whether you are looking for Spanish shows for kids on Netflix, Disney+ or Youtube, I hope you find something your children will love to watch. Remember, always put your TV shows and movies in Spanish, and leverage your screen time to teach your children Spanish while they watch TV. Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know and I can add them to this list!