How to Say Snake in Spanish with Kids: Fun Spanish Learning Activities

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If you’re looking for a fun way to teach your kids Spanish, look no further! In today’s blog post, we’ll be exploring how to say “snake” in Spanish and sharing some exciting language activities that your little ones are sure to love. From Spanish books about snakes, educational Youtube videos, to a fun Spanish poem, this post has something for everyone. Plus, be sure to check out my Spanish podcast for kids ¡Hola Nature! to help reinforce what they’ve learned. 

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How to Say Snake in Spanish

To get started, let’s review some basic Spanish vocabulary for learning all about snakes! Having the necessary terms handy is important when teaching children about a new topic. Nature study is an amazing way to get children more interested in Spanish, and I know learning about snakes in Spanish has been so much fun for my reptile-loving daughter. 

Here are some great Spanish words about snakes to teach your kids:

La serpiente (sehr-pyehn-teh) – Snake

La cobra (coh-brah) – Cobra

La víbora (vee-boh-rah) – Viper

La serpiente de cascabel (ser-pyehn-teh de kahs-kah-behl) – Rattlesnake

La cola (koh-lah) – Tail

El colmillo (kohl-mee-yoh) – Fang

Las escamas (ehs-cah-mahs) – Scales

El veneno (veh-neh-noh) – Venom

El siseo (see-seh-oh) – Hiss

El reptil (rehp-til) – Reptile

Deslizarse (des-lee-sahr-seh) – To slither

Sisear (sees-eh-ahr) – To Hiss

La muda (mu-da) – Shedding (as in shedding skin)

Spanish Poem about Snakes for Kids

I am a big fan of teaching children Spanish poetry and rhyme to help them learn. Spanish poems for kids provide amazing repetition, they expose them to a wide variety of vocabulary and descriptive words, and they’re fun to learn! Next up is a great poem about snakes you can teach your kids in Spanish. 

por la hierba
la serpiente sinuosa
está escribiendo
un poema resbalosa
con su cuerpo. 
Pero su alfabeto
es súper sencillo. 
Solo sabe una letra:

Through the grass
The sinuous snake
Is writing
A slippery poem
With its body. 
But its alphabet is 
Super simple
It only knows one letter:

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Do you want to learn even more about snakes en español? Don’t miss this episode of my Spanish podcast for kids all about these amazing slithering reptiles. 

free snake flashcards in Spanish and English
free snake coloring pages

Fun Snake Videos for Kids in Spanish

Bring snakes to life during your Spanish lessons with these engaging and FREE Youtube videos all about snakes en español. Here are some of my favorites that I use as a Spanish teacher and homeschool mom!

*Pro tip* Try not to worry if your child doesn’t understand every single word! Encourage them to focus on the images in the video and see what they can understand based on that. Letting kids work through frustration when fully immersed in Spanish is a great skill but it takes time! Be patient and encouraging, they’ll get there. 

My Favorite Books about Snakes in Spanish for Kids

I hope this post serves as a helpful resource for introducing your kids to the world of snakes in Spanish. Embark on a snake-themed language adventure with your children, immersing them in captivating Spanish books and free language lessons with my Podcast or Youtube videos! This post is designed to make the world of snakes truly come alive in Spanish, created just for you and your young learners. Here’s to fostering a deeper connection with Spanish and an appreciation for these fascinating creatures. Happy learning!

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