Con mi Familia

For families who want to learn Spanish together

Have you always wanted your child to be bilingual but felt like it was impossible because you didn't speak another language? Do you want to learn to speak Spanish too? 

If you answered yes to both of those questions, then this course is for you! This 6-week series is designed for families who want to learn or grow their Spanish skills in the hopes of creating a bilingual home environment for their children. 

The course will consist of weekly themes that will build upon each other to create more opportunities for families to speak Spanish together.


Each week will include:

  • Instructional videos for grown-ups (grammar tips & pronunciation guides)

  • 1-2 songs to learn and sing together 

  • Themed Playlists to listen (and dance!) to

  • 1-2 Spanish story time videos

  • Audiobook recording for families not wanting screen time

  • Book recommendations and pronunciation guide videos for Spanish story time at home

  • 5-7 Spanish activities to do together (recommended primarily for ages 1.5-6) All activities are screen free and create wonderful quality Spanish time moments.

  • You can also choose the option that includes weekly 15 minute one-on-one virtual Spanish lessons where we can work on pronunciation together and answer any questions. 

By the end of each series, families will come away with new bilingual traditions, increased Spanish vocabulary and a shared sense of pride as they learn something new together! 

Upcoming sessions:

Series 1 begins July 6th-August 17th

Series 2 begins- July 6th- August 17th

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