How to make your own Acorn Cap Beads – A fun Spanish activity for kids

In this post: Learn how to make your own acorn cap beads to create the perfect fall craft! Turn this autumn project into a fun Spanish activity for kids. 

Nothing says fall to me like apple cider, leaves swirling, and acorns all around. My kiddos have been obsessed with threading beads lately and are making necklaces every day. Fine motor skills are so important to work on with young children, and this is truly the perfect preschool autumn craft.

On our most recent nature walk I had an idea, what if we take these little fall treasures and turn them into beads! So all along our hike we had the best time screaming out BELLOTA every time we found an acorn and collected handfuls of these little beauties to bring back home.

Originally I had pictured drilling a hole in the actual acorn but it was too wet and a little gummy (it is a food after all!) and so our plan changed to just the caps. We spent quite a bit of time getting the caps off but we persevered and had our rewards. You could save yourself the time and JUST collect the caps. The girls even helped me drill the holes and LOVED having such an important role to play. I would hold the cap VERY carefully and steady the drill and they got to press the button to turn it on. Very satisfying.

Then I took some time, knotted one end and wrapped a little tape around the other end. The tape helps keep it all together and gives them the perfect end to thread with. You can also use shoelaces for threading DIY, they are perfect for little hands!  Make sure you are using a bigger drill bit for the string to fit through easily. Then they threaded away, making little necklaces for all of us to wear and it just felt like the perfect fall family activity.

More plans in the works with this one- stay tuned for more acorn ideas!

The MAIN word we practiced, and a great one to learn for the fall:

Bellota (bey-yoh-tah) – acorn

Cuenta (kwehn-tah) – bead — is also important!

What are you doing to celebrate fall this year?