Free Spanish Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids – Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Spanish

In this post: Grab your free printable Spanish Valentine’s day cards for kids and celebrate Valentine’s day in Spanish! This post contains affiliate links.

El día del amor is coming and it is the perfect time to print these free Spanish Valentine’s Day cards for kids! This free Spanish Valentine printable is all you need to show the love this year. 

When I was a kid, I always loved handing out homemade Valentine’s day cards to all of my friends at school. We had little mailboxes that everyone would fill with cards and sweets on Valentine’s Day. I love recreating this at home for my own kids! We make little tiny boxes and decorate them, then fill them up with Valentine Cards and treats.

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Printing your Free Spanish Valentine Cards for Kids

These free Spanish cards are ready to print and go! You get two cards for each sheet of paper, and all you need to do is print, cut and fold in half. Your kids can draw little pictures inside each card, or practice writing messages to their friends. You can also tape sweets or toys on the inside of each card, or even small handmade gifts.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Spanish

Once you have your free cards printed out, there are still so many ways to talk about amor y amistad (love and friendship) with your Spanish learners. Whether you are celebrating at home or in the classroom, it is always good to have some seasonal books on hand to enhance your learning. I love having books for each holiday to help my children practice new Spanish vocabulary while they celebrate. These are some of our favorite Spanish books for Valentine’s Day.

Bilingual books for Valentine’s Day

Fun Spanish Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Once you have your Spanish Valentine’s day cards printed, and you have some awesome bilingual books, it’s time to get crafty. These are projects that we have done in the past, and ones I do with my students.

Corazón Finger Painting

I love the idea of this project! It would be a great way to practice different colors en español. You can also practicing the word for tree in Spanish, árbol.

Cristales de Corazón 

Growing crystal hearts is not only a super fun Valentine’s day project for any kid, but it’s also a great way to practice Spanish while you learn! These would make sweet gifts to give with your printable Valentine’s Day cards too.

Libro de Amor

This is an amazing way to get your children writing and speaking in Spanish as they celebrate Valentine’s day! You can get them to write words in Spanish that they love about someone, draw pictures, or say the word in en español as you write it for them.

Valentine’s Day Slime

For the sensory lovers, this Valentine’s day slime would be such an awesome surprise for you kids. You can also use the activity to practice Spanish texture words and colors.

Alright my friends, this post should give you everything you need to have a wonderful Valentine’s day in Spanish! With free Spanish Valentine cards, some awesome bilingual books about Valentine’s day, and a few hands-on projects to practice español while you learn. Am I missing any of your favorite crafts or books? 

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