How to Make Origami Kite Paper Spring Flowers – A Fun Twist on Waldorf Window Stars

In this post: Learn how to make these origami kite paper spring flowers, for a fun twist on the classic Waldorf window star! Post contains affiliate links.

Kite paper window decorations are quickly becoming my absolute favorite way to welcome in a new season or holiday with my kids. Even though we aren’t technically a Waldorf home, I just can’t get enough of this tradition!

If you are looking for the perfect spring classroom decoration, or a fun spring activity to do with your kids, these origami kite paper spring flowers are perfect!

What will you need?

The beauty of this spring craft is that you don’t need a lot! With just three simple things, you can make hundreds of kite paper window decorations. 

How to make kite paper spring flowers with kids

Making kite paper window stars or flowers with kids isn’t always easy! Depending on the age of your children, they could get easily frustrated by difficult folds. The name of the game with this spring craft is patience and organization! 

I love to have my kids create almost like an assembly line to make these origami spring flowers. I teach each of them one specific fold to do, and then they pass it along. This works great for younger children who still need a lot of support!

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make your kite paper spring flowers

This video will show you how to make kite paper tulips, and a kite paper daisy. You can use any color kite paper that you want to make your window decorations! Hang them up with small tape rolls secured to the back to decorate windows and doors. These are the perfect way to put a fun twist on the classic Waldorf window star and add some springtime flare.

Do you love fun kite paper crafts?

Check out these kite paper maple leaves to make this autumn! 

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