~Masa de Nube~ Softest Cloud Dough

You guyssssss!!!!! This is seriously the softest sensory dough I’ve ever made. I am usually totally opposed to anything that makes me cook it before we use it (I’m lazy, no shame) but when I saw how simple this recipe was I knew I had to try it.

It is actually a part of my newest freebie- Sensory Play & Spanish (with pantry staples)! To get the recipe, all you have to do is sign up and it will go straight to your inbox. My littles helped me make it and it is so easy and forgiving. I kept wanting to take it off the heat too soon and once I realized it wasn’t done, I just popped it back on the stove for a minute or too and then it came together!

It might feel a little grainy as you start to knead it (you do this once it’s all cooked and molten lava-y so don’t burn yourself)- but I promise it will come together and be the softest, smoothest dough EVER. Bonus? Just a few ingredients and it is one of the few doughs I’ve found that actually doesn’t require flour!

Honest moment. It kind of smelled bad. Maybe it was just me but it wasn’t horrible smell, just not something I wanted to dive into (I think it was the baking powder) SO we added a few drops of essential oil- we did peppermint and it was perfect! I’m talking 1 or 2 drops y’all, don’t go crazy. You can also add some flavored extracts like vanilla, coffee or hazelnut (if you have any on hand!) This totally isn’t necessary but it took ours from blah to AMAAAZING. We also smashed some fresh rosemary, lavender and thyme in there as we worked with it- so if you are avoiding any type of fragrance or oils- you can just use some nature to scent that dough up.

How did we turn this into an entire morning of fun? First. Nature walk with scissors. I already wrote about that this week but seriously, so good. They snipped some herbs from the garden, a few leaves, a flower or two. Then we made the dough and got to work making some fun herb “cookies”. This was the first thing we did after we had breakfast and got dressed. Then snack, story, play and lunch. Before we knew it- the day was half-way done!

I’ll be writing soon about our daily and weekly rhythm as we enter the “traditional school year” but be warned, I’m a rebel and am resisting all the pressures to create a homeschool schedule for my TODDLERS. *GASP* Rhythms, lots of play and nature time and stories (AND SPANISH OF COURSE!) will be the bulk of our year and I’ll share with you just how we will create comfort and continuity out of a rhythm (versus a schedule).

Okay, mis amigos, go out there and have a great day! Sign up for my freebie so you can make this dough yourself (and a few other fun recipes to try).

Spanish word we used:

Masa (mah-sah) – dough

Nube (noo-beh) – cloud

Tijeras (tee-heh-rahs) – scissors

Hierbas (yehr-bah) – herbs

Galleta (gah-yeh-tah) – cookie