~Sellos de Cartón~ Cardboard Shape Stamps

I am all about intentional play. My little ones have learned their shapes not with worksheets or formal lessons but by playing and creating and exploring. This is an activity that I love and can be whipped up one night after bedtime or during any quiet moment throughout the day. They are pefect to use with my DIY stamp pads too and can provide many opportunities to practice and learn your shapes (in English and Spanish!)

To make, a hot glue gun is really handy but I suppose some Elmer’s glue could work too, you just might have to hold it in place until it is dry enough to keep its shape (pun intended!)

Okay, cut some squares of cardboard for the base of the stamp. Then cut strips (a little thicker than 1/4″) long enough to form your shapes. Before gluing them I bent them in the shape I wanted. I use the accordion fold to make the squares and triangles even and just trimmed the heart as needed. The circle is easy- just a long strip slowly bent to avoid any series edges.

Then I glued the ends together and put glue all around the bottom and then set it on the square I had cut out. Make sure you work quickly but carefully, you don’t want to glue down the shape all wonky!

¡Voila! You made some super sweet stamps to help your kiddos practice their shapes. Who knows what they can create?! Little houses? Forest scenes? Let their imagination take over.

DIY Stamp pads- remember these from a few months ago?! A yogurt lid, some tempera paint, a little salt and a circle of felt. Cut the felt to fit the shape of your lid, put down some paint and then sprinkle with salt. The salt will help thin the paint so mix it in and then place your circle of felt on top!

Words to practice:

Formas (fohr-mahs) – shapes

Cuadrado (kwah-drah-doh) – square

Triángulo (tryahng-goo-loh) – triangle

Círculo (seer-koo-loh) – circle

Corazón (koh-rah-sohn) – heart

Sello (seh-yoh) – stamp

Hope y’all enjoy!