~DIY Abecedario de Madera~ Wooden Alphabet Disk Set

Here is a new craft obsession for all of you…wood burning. Seriously, the possibilities are endless when it comes to recreating wooden toys and activities for your littles when you have a wood burning pen on hand. I went ahead and got the stamps too and it makes life SO much easier!

I have seen these cute wooden letter disks all over the internet and my “make don’t buy” instincts kicked in instantly and moments later my amazon cart was full of wood burning supplies. It also lines up well with the second series of Con mi Familia week 5 where we introduce the Spanish alphabet! I was going to ask my husband to cut wooden disks to use, to fuel my desire to never spend any money, but he’s busy making badass jewelry (@noyesdesigns) and I didn’t feel like using our chop-saw and so I gave in and bought some wooden disks too. The wooden disks I got are cedar and actually smell so good when stamping these letters in! Feels like camping and crafting all at the same time.

Seriously, I made these in about 30 minutes. The only thing that took a long time was figuring out how to switch the wood burning stamp quickly without burning off my fingers (by now you all know that I am always hurting my hands with these projects…) I am planning on burning the lower case on one side and the upper case on another. I also got disks that already had holes drilled in because I have another project idea in the works!

The possibilities with these disks are endless. You can teach the alphabet, letter sounds, how to spell a name, how to spell out sight words…you can do scavenger hunts, sensory bins, matching games…the list goes on y’all.

The wood burning kit itself may be an investment initially, but I promise, there are so many ways to use it to create your own activities at home that will save money in the long run.

Here is what I bought (Amazon Affiliate Links below):
*Wood burning pen
*Wood Slices
*Wood Burning Number Stamps
*Wood Burning Letter Stamps

Stay tuned in my Instagram stories later today for a full tutorial! Feliz Monday amigos!