DIY Textured Number Board ~Números Texturados~

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for months! We made this textured number board a while back, used it and then stashed it away for a little bit. I just recently brought it out for the girls and they loved it. This was so easy to make and is a great way to create your own learning materials at home. We used the felted numbers that I made a while back and did some simple matching work while reviewing our numbers in Spanish.

At the moment I am only teaching them numbers and letters in Spanish. It is such a phonetic language and ultimately it will be easier to learn how to read at first since almost every word can be sounded out. I worry at times if I am setting them up to be confused later on but deep down I trust that it will all work out. We are surrounded by so much English in our world and I love being able to make time to prioritize just learning in Spanish a little bit each day.

To make this board all you need is a scrap piece of wood, some sand and some glue! We had this board left over from making blocks and I sanded it down (edges too!) and then traced out some block numbers. Then I went over each number with glue (you can use hot glue, gorilla wood glue,* some other strong type of glue…) and then covered it with sand*. I pressed the sand down a little bit and then left it just like that overnight. The next morning I gently wiped away the extra sand and ¡voila! A textured number board. You could easily do this with the alphabet or all your numbers.

This is a great way to introduce or reinforce new ideas with your children. The tactile experience helps them be able to see and touch what they’re learning in a whole new way! This would be a perfect addition to your learning at home, especially with Series 1 of Con mi Familia where I give you new ideas to learn and engage with Spanish numbers.

¡Happy crafting and learning mis amigxs!

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