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10 of the Best Sand Toys of All Time – Sand Box Toys Made to Last

In this post: Find the 10 BEST sand toys of all time for the beach and sand box that will last. Post contains affiliate links. 

We finally built my kids a sandbox this weekend and to say they are excited about it is the understatement of the year. They would live in that sand box if they could. Now because we live in a smaller house and I get overwhelmed by clutter, I try to be a minimalist. I might not be very good at it, but I try! So when it comes to sand toys for our sand box, or to take to the beach, I don’t want a ton of stuff. Also, I don’t want these sand toys to break after using it one time.

That’s where this list comes in. I don’t want you to have to go through that either! We have all been there. We buy some cheap shovel or bucket at a gas station and it breaks the moment your child tries to dig in the sand. It’s a waste of money, plastic, and energy! So let me take the guess work out while you search for the best sand toys for the beach and the sand box. These are all toys I’ve tested with my own kids and let me tell you, they are made to last! 

10 Amazing Sand Toys for Kids

When we head to the beach or play in the sand box, we want it all right? Sifters, diggers, buckets, trucks…the sky is the limit with sand toys for kids. Here are some of my favorites with a little bit of everything mixed in. Some are affordable under $25, while others are an investment that will last for years of sand play as your children grow. These outdoor toys will bring fun and creativity to all your sand play!

If you only get one set of sand toys for your kids, this has it all. A sifter, a bucket, fun scoops for digging and pouring, and a whisk for imaginative play. These are super affordable sand and water toys for kids that they will play with for a long time. 

I’m not going to lie, this feels like the holy grail of sand toys. The Big Dig is SO much fun and is an amazing outdoor toy that improves coordination while your kid plays in the sand. They will literally use this for years. This is definitely a sand box toy worth the investment!

If your kids love dinosaurs, this sand toy set is the perfect purchase for their outdoor sand adventures! You can dig, make dinosaur sand moulds, and create a whole volcano Dino sand scent. Best of all these plastic toys are high quality and should last. 

Who doesn’t want to bring trucks to play with in the sand? Whether you’re taking these to the beach or your sand box, these trucks are awesome. I love that these are outdoor toys that can withstand the elements and hold up to lots of sand play with kids! 

For the serious sand diggers in your life, you need these heavy duty sand shovels. There is nothing worse than having a shovel snap in half, and these should last for a long time in the sand! 

Let’s be real, whenever kids are trying to get your help building a sand castle, there is only so much you can do. Then, you find out there is a PREMIUM sand castle mold out there, and you level up your sand play. This is awesome especially for older kids to help keep them entertained at the beach or in a sand box!

If I were to picture they idyllic “baby’s first sand toy set” this would be it. The quality is gorgeous with sweet little sea animal sand molts, the perfect size bucket, and a sturdy shovel. My children got these as their first sand toy sets and we still have them years later. We love this and it is definitely worth the price. 

First of all, why didn’t they have this when I was a kid?! Sand Pal construction set is such a fun sand toy to have and is super easy to travel with. Take it on a beach trip, or bring it with you to the best sand boxes in your neighborhood. Your kids will spend hours building with these awesome sand toys. 

Children are never too old for imaginary play, and this ice cream sand toy set will prove it! I also love that it isn’t just ice cream, it’s also has fun baking sets too. Your children will play with this for years at the beach and in their sand box. This would be really fun to use inside with kinetic sand too!

Last but certainly not least on this list of the best sand toys for kids, you have this awesome dump truck sand toy set! I love this because it has a little bit of everything for an awesome value. B.Toys are a great choice for green toys, using recycled plastic, and they last a long time!

There you have it my friends! I hope this list of 10 of the best sand toys that are made to last helps you find quality toys for your next beach trip or sand box hang. From beach toy sets, to trucks, and even an epic big dig – there is something for everyone on this list! 

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