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The Ultimate Outdoor Gift Guide: 30+ Gifts for Nature Loving Kids

In this post: An outdoor gift guide created by a forest school teacher with 20 of my favorite gift ideas for nature loving kids. Post contains affiliate links.

As an outdoor educator (and Spanish teacher!) I have strong feelings when it comes to gifts. Not only do I want my children and students to get things they love, I also want gifts to last and serve a greater purpose. I created my ultimate outdoor gift guide to help families on any budget find gifts for nature loving kids. 

From toys to help get children outside, to nature study, books, and outdoor gear – there is something for everyone on this list! 

Ultimate Outdoor Gift Guide for Nature Loving Kids

Outdoor Toys for Kids - Get outside and play!

I have to start my outdoor gift guide for nature loving kids off with long-lasting nature toys! Giving toys that are meant to be played with outside is one of the easiest ways to motivate kids to turn off a screen and get outdoors. These are some of my favorite outdoor gifts for nature loving kids that will last them years of play. 

  • Stomp Rocket – An awesome present idea under $20 that will guarantee hours of outside play? Sign me up. Stomp rockets are a hit at home with my kids and in forest school. Bonus is they also help kids explore aerodynamics and learn more about physics!
  • Sidewalk Chalk – Having sidewalk chalk on hand is a great way to get your art-loving kids outside. Add these fun chalk stencils for even added fun. You could also get fun shaped sidewalk chalk for great affordable stalking stuffers!
  • Bubble Wands – Nothing beats bubbles when it comes to kids. Young kids will be satisfied with small and simple bubble wands, and older kids will spend hours blowing giant bubbles! This is a really awesome affordable outdoor gift for kids. 
  • Find and Seek – If you’re looking for an awesome stocking stuffer idea, these scavenger hunt cards are an awesome option. For under $10 they would be a great way to motivate more on family hikes and nature time. 
  • Obstacle Course – You can of course make your own obstacle course, but this is the one that we have that my kids love! It is perfect because you only need two trees and the set up is super easy. This entertains kids for years.
  • Mud Kitchen – Again, a DIY version of this isn’t too complicated to make (we made our own in just a few hours!) but it will guarantee years of outdoor play in any weather. We love having this stone food to add to ours and it was an awesome stocking stuffer one year!
  • Bikes & scooters & skateboards, oh my! – Definitely invest in a good outdoor travel toy for your kids, no matter their age. Balance bikes are an amazing way for toddlers to learn gross motor skills, scooters are always a hit (bonus with light up wheels!), and everyone loves having their own bike. This would be a big gift idea but one that could last for years. 
  • Sand Toys – Whether you have a sand box, a dirt box, or you just live near the beach – definitely don’t miss out on stocking up on some awesome sand toys for kids! 
  • Outdoor Projector – Did someone say movies outside?! This is a really fun way to get your children outside breathing fresh air, while also planning something special for them and their friends. We try to do this once a month in the warmer months and it is such a special tradition. 

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Adventure Gear for Kids -

When it comes to getting kids to learn about nature, sometimes all they need are a few things to spark that passion. This adventure gear is sure to inspire your children to get outside (and stay there!) while they learn more about the world around them. 

  • Binoculars – From bird and animal watching to spy games and imaginary play, binoculars for kids can inspire so much time outside. Any nature loving kid would love to have their own pair of binoculars, bonus when they’re under $20!
  • Magnifying Glass – A good magnifying glass is essential in any adventure pack. From checking out animal tracks, to looking up close at moss or insects, this would be a great gift or stocking stuffer under $10. 
  • Travel Microscope – I cannot wait to get this for my own kids this year and think that for under $20 it makes it the perfect gift for any nature loving kid. 
  • Outdoor Hammock for kids – This makes for an epic gift for kids that will last for years. Whether they take it camping, or just use it in their backyard, these are the best hammocks and are easy to set up and take down.
  • Outdoor Gear – As a forest school teacher, I firmly believe that with the right clothing we can have fun in any weather. If you have a nature loving kid, giving them the right gear will be the best outdoor gift! From rain pants and rain coats, to warm socks and winter coats – definitely check out my favorite forest school gear guide for kids

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Nature Books for Kids

A love of reading is always a great gift for your nature loving kids. Whether they love learning nature facts, or they want sweet stories about the world around them, books are always a great gift for kids. 

  • A World Full of Nature Stories – This is an incredible collection of legends and folk tales from all around the world. The book is divided up into different nature categories and it is a guaranteed hit for your outdoor story time or bedtime stories. 
  • Animal! – An epic book full of realistic pictures and fun facts all about animals, sign me up! We have this book in Spanish and my children have loved it for years. It is a big book packed with information and awesome images for learning about nature. 
  • The Hike – My own kids absolutely love this book. We have read it maybe 100 times and in addition to it being a sweet nature based picture book, it also has fun nature facts for kids to learn as you read. 
  • The Organic Artist – Don’t just read about nature, create with it! If your children love getting outside and working on fun nature based art projects, they would love this book.
  • The Little Book of Woodland Bird Songs – For the bird lover in your life, this is an amazing nature book for kids. They can learn all about birds in their area while slowly learning their bird songs. 
  • Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story – For nature books in winter, I cannot get enough of this hibernation book. It is the perfect combination of a sweet story that is also jam packed with super interesting nature facts for outdoor loving kids!
  • Spanish Nature Books for Kids – I teach Spanish outside, so you know I need to have some Spanish nature books on here! Check out this list to find some of my favorite books to help kids learn Spanish outside. 

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No Clutter Nature Adventure Gifts

Don’t forget that sometimes the best gift for nature loving kids is an experience, and not an item! Here are some experience gift ideas for nature loving kids that will keep your house clutter free, and your children outside. 

  • Plan a camping trip – Schedule a fun outdoor camping trip. You can pick a local spot, or have your children help with all the preparations for where they want to go. If you aren’t a big camper, you can pitch a tent right outside your house! Your nature loving kid will love this gift and it will be a great bonding experience for your whole family. 
  •  Summer Camp – If you have any local outdoor summer camps in your area, consider getting this as a gift for your kids! They’re usually a big expense so creating this experience as a present can help save money while also cultivating gratitude in your nature loving child. It is the gift that keeps on giving all summer long. 
  • Specialized nature classes for kids – Mushroom hunting for kids? Fire starting? Horseback riding? There are so many cool lessons and classes that your children can partake in. A quick google search can show what is available in your area. If you can’t find anything you love, check out online classes! There are all kinds of nature study courses for kids online that can still get them outside. Outschool has a whole section of wilderness classes for kids of all ages! 

Stocking Stuffers for Nature Lovers

No outdoor gift guide would be complete without stocking stuffers! Remember that gifts to get your kids outside don’t always need to be big or expensive. I’ve already mentioned a few stocking stuffers for outdoor lovers, but here are some more of my favorite smaller nature gifts for nature loving kids.

  • Water bottle – Having a nice metal water bottle is important for any nature lover! Not only do we help reduce plastic waste, but kids also feel really proud of having their own gear. These Hydroflask water bottles are a small investment (often on sale!) that will last them years. 
  • Camping Utensils – Keeping a fork/spoon in your nature backpack is always a good idea. Kids will love having all the right gear for their time outside. This is an affordable gift and a great stocking stuffer for outdoor lovers. 
  • Headlamps for Kids – Most kids are obsessed with flashlights and giving them their very own headlamp adds a whole new element of “cool.” They can use these inside if the power goes out, or on any adventure outside in the dark. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for kids who love nature!
  • Nature Journal – I love this nature journal for kids because it has awesome prompts to get them thinking about the world around them in new ways. It is perfect to tuck into a stocking. 
  • Mini Flower Press – Flower pressing is such a great way to preserve nature treasures while engaging more in nature study. The best part? Kids love them! This would be a hit. 
  • Knot Tying Kit – Learning to tie complex knots is a wilderness skill most kids love. They take great pride in being able to practice and show off their skills – and it’s a great life skill! This kid is perfect for learning basics and more complicated knots. 
  • First Aid Kit for Kids – You can make your own mini first aid kit for your child’s hiking pack! I mainly just put in bandaids and a homemade healing salve. They love feeling helpful and prepared. These Welly bandaids are my absolutely favorite.  

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I hope that my Ultimate Outdoor Gift Guide for Kids helps you this holidays seasons! So many gifts on this list are loved by my own nature loving children and students, and I know they will last for years to come. If you want to teach your children even more about the world around them while learning Spanish, check out my bilingual nature study, Spanish in the Wild! It’s a great way to get hands-on with your language learning while spending time outside with your kids. Happy gifting families!

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