~Corona de Flores~ Flower Crowns

Okay…okay…the name is either really unfortunate or hilarious depending on how you look at it. This was NOT planned to do when we had a global corona virus pandemic but this craft is just too cute not to do with your littles and I refuse to let the pandemic ruin a wonderful Spanish word!

We had a wonderful afternoon looking for decorations for our crowns. The best part about using duct tape is that literally anything can stick to it. Note that in ours we have rocks, tree bark and pine cones on the crowns and they have been firmly stuck on all day! This craft can be made with anything you have lying around and if you are stuck inside an apartment, you can still have fun sticking random things to the tape (glitter, cupcake liners, rice?! Whatever you have on hand) We also did some scissor work and brought them outside to cut some flowers and gather materials while practicing some fine motor skills.

To make the crown, I took a paper sandwich bag (any paper bag will do, I bet you could even use regular printer paper or card stock) and I cut long strips to form the base. Then I got my fancy cutting on and did the professional (ha!) and traditional wavy top for to make it a legit crown. You can do any shape you want or just leave it flat!

Now comes the trickier part (depending on how patient your children are). You will take three small pieces of duct tape and roll them so you can have something for the one long piece of duct tape to stick to. I put one down on the paper crown in the middle and then another one on either side about 5 inches away from the middle. THEN take a longer strip of duct tape and put it down on top. I also took another small piece of tape and taped down each end just so it wouldn’t come up when the little fingers got stuck to it (trust me, they will get stuck).

If you’ve made it this far without your child ripping the paper or crumpling up the tape or peeing in their pants- congratulations! You are ready to decorate! Let them put whatever they want on the crown and if they let you help, go for it! We tried to stick with things that wouldn’t wilt right away, like evergreens, tree bark and pine cones, and added a few flowers for pizzaz.

Then whenever they are done measure around their head and tape the ends together! Voila- you made a corona de flores/naturaleza for your little one!

*Note/Word of Caution- try to have as much duct tape covered up as possible or risk ripping out some serious fly aways from your sweet child’s hair*

Now for the Spanish. Okay, do you want to teach your child how to say crown in Spanish? Because if you do, it’s corona. (koh-roh-nah). Doesn’t feel right repeating the word over and over with everything going on? Just call it a crown. That doesn’t mean you can’t teach/reinforce other words! Here are some we kept saying as we worked:

Hoja- leaf- (Oh-hah)

Flor- flower- (flohr)

Piedra- rock- (pyeh-drah)

Corteza – tree bark- (kohr-teh-sah)

Happy crafting y’all!