Celebrate thanksgiving in Spanish with these turkey puppets

Make Your Own Easy Turkey Puppets | Learn Spanish this Thanksgiving

In this post: Learn how to make this fun and engaging Thanksgiving nature craft! These turkey tail turkey puppets are the perfect way to bring Spanish learning into your bilingual nature play at home. Learn Spanish this Thanksgiving with this fun and engaging nature craft. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and one of my favorite ways to celebrate is with a fun Thanksgiving nature craft with my kids! The most important part of all the crafts I do at home is finding a way to turn them into Spanish immersion experiences for my children. These títeres de pavo are the perfect way to bring your love of nature crafts to your Spanish holiday learning with bilingual nature play.

Turkey puppets on sticks with turkey tail mushrooms

Here is what you will need:

  • Turkey tail mushrooms (so fun to find outside! They love growing on dead logs)
  • Egg carton

How to make them:

The best part about these DIY nature puppets is that they are quick and easy to make! The most time consuming part about this nature craft is finding the turkey tails, but that’s the fun part! Take your Spanish learning outside with this and look for turkey tail mushrooms on any nature walk. Gather just enough to craft, and head back inside to get to work.

Once you have your turkey tails, you will need to cut out individual cups from your egg carton. Next, turn these upside down and glue one of your turkey tails onto the back to create your tail feathers. This is a great chance to let your children try out using a glue gun! Support them and encourage them as they try something new with this bilingual nature craft.

Once your turkey tail feathers are glued on, it’s time to glue the head of your turkey puppet on! Using a small dab of hot glue, secure your felt ball. 

To finish your fun Thanksgiving nature craft, you just need to hot glue a stick on the inside of your egg carton, and add a small triangle for the beak.

Egg carton turkey puppets made with turkey tails


You have a quick and easy Thanksgiving nature craft that you can do with all the little ones in your life.

Turkey pupped for thanksgiving

Ready to turn this into a hands-on Spanish lesson? Here are some great Spanish words to practice while you play:

Títere (tee-teh-reh) – pupper

Pavo (pah-boh) – turkey

Cola de pavo (koh-lah   deh   pah-boh) – Turkey tail

Palo (pah-loh) – Stick

Pico  (pee-koh) – beak

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I hope this fun nature craft helps you celebrate Thanksgiving in Spanish this year!

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