Ice Globe Lantern ~Globo de Hielo~

We have a serious Frozen obsession in my house and anything related to ice is a hit. We are also obsessed with using these LED tea light candles any way that we can. Combine the two and you get this magical ice globe! If it is cold where you live, these would be so special to have outside and they might even stick around all winter depending on how cold it stays! We live somewhere a little warmer so this is just something special we set up for a fancy table decoration and then when it melts, it melts! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make magical moments for your little ones. This is literally just some frozen water and pine needles but to them, it was so much more.

The set up is super simple. All you need are two bowls that nest inside each other, some pretty winter foliage, water and a place to freeze it all! We started by collecting some cedar branches on a nature walk. We nested the two bowls and then added the branches for decoration. Then the girls each got to practice slowly pouring enough water to fill up to the top of the smallest bowl. We added rocks to keep it from floating or moving.

Then we just popped it in the freezer overnight! When you take it out, remove the rocks from the tiny inner bowl and pour a little warm water in. That will help you take the little bowl out. Now you have two options: You can use your globo de hielo as is (but there will be a little hole in the top where the bowl was resting) OR you can add a little water to fill in the hole, pop it back in the freezer and take it out a few hours later to have a perfect semi-circle. To get the globo de hielo out of the bowl, just place it in a bigger bowl with warm water and it will slowly loosen.

We placed ours on a plate and underneath a small LED tea light sat on (we put it on a tiny dish so it wouldn’t sit in a pool of water). The girls have been playing with it all day. Anytime they’re done, I just pop it back in the freezer! We will have it on our table at night for a little winter ambiance and magic and we will see how long it lasts.

Spanish words to practice:

Globo (gloh-boh) – globe (it can also mean balloon!)

Hielo (yeh-loh) – ice

Ramas (rah-mahs) – branches

Agua (ah-gwah) – water

Tazón (tah-sohn) – bowl

Congelado (kohn-heh-lah-doh) – frozen

Vela (beh-lah) – candle

Farol (fah-rohl) – lantern