~Burbujas en casa~ Bubbles at home

Who doesn’t love bubbles?! I have been going crazy these last few weeks thinking about how much I wish I had some fancy bubbles to use at home with my girls with all this time on our hands but just couldn’t bring myself to place another amazon order and didn’t want to go into a store.

I call these bubbles the “laying around bubbles” because they can be made with whatever you have laying around the house. I had a ridiculous amount of pipe cleaners, hopefully we all have soap…you know I always have sugar and we are lucky to always have clean water!

Here’s how you do it:

1/4 cup soap in liquid form. Dish soap is best, laundry soap and body wash works (make sure it is a soap you are okay with your kids using and getting on their hands and potentially in their mouths so mindful).

1 cup warm water.

1 tbs sugar

Bubble wands. This is the tricky/inventive/fun part. I am not a fancy mama with bubble wands laying around. I saw on the internet that pipe cleaners could work and so I made some in different shapes- since we have been practicing shapes in our house! You can twist them in any form you like and they worked great! They got pretty sopping wet but my kids didn’t mind and the worked well!

No pipe cleaners? I also have seen that taking a paper cup and cutting off the bottom will work! Just dip the bottom part in the bubble solution and then blow your bubbles. Maybe even a toilet paper tube would work!? It would probably start to get pretty wet though so that isn’t a long term solution. You can also try to get fancy and look into tying a string in a loop on a stick…if you are successful with that then I tip my hat to you for your resourcefulness.

Spanish Words we practiced:

Burbuja (boor-boo-hah) bubble

Soplar (soh-plahr) to blow

Mezclar (mehs-klahr) to mix

Círculo (seer-koo-loh) circle

Cuadro (kwah-droh) square

Triángulo (tree-ahn-goo-loh) triangle

We had a great time blowing bubbles on a sunny day and I hope you do too!