Learn about the zoo in Spanish – Free Spanish Zoo Worksheets!

In this post: Learn about the zoo in Spanish with free Spanish printables and bilingual books. Get your free Spanish zoo worksheets with a free Spanish audio guide! Post may contain affiliate links. 

There is something so easy and natural about themed Spanish learning with kids. Focusing on a topic like zoo animals or farm animals helps give structure to your lessons, and gives you clear vocabulary in Spanish to learn. Plus, it is so much fun! Kids love learning all about los animales and there is so much you can do to help them learn new words in Spanish. 

Vamos al zoológico

If you have a zoo nearby, this is the perfect time to learn all about zoo animals in Spanish! Even if you don’t, these resources will help these wild animals come to life at home. Learn how to say the different zoo animals in Spanish, find some awesome bilingual books, and grab your Spanish freebie! 

Zoo Animals in Spanish & English

First things first, we need to learn los animales del zoológico in Spanish! I’m adding the zoo animal names in Spanish and English, along phonetic pronunciation guides to help if you are a beginning Spanish learner. In your Spanish freebie you also have a QR code that links to a free Spanish audio guide to help you learn your new Spanish vocabulary.

  • El cocodrilo (koh-koh-dree-loh) – Crocodile
  • El elefante (eh-leh-fahn-teh) – Elephant
  • El chimpancé (cheem-pahn-seh) – Chimpanzee
  • La cebra (seh-brah) – Zebra
  • La jirafa (hee-rah-fah) – Giraffe
  • El león (leh-ohn) – Lion
  • El panda (pahn-dah) – Panda
  • El camello (kah-meh-yoh) – Camel
  • El canguro (kahn-goo-roh) – Kangaroo
  • El avestruz (ah-behs-troos) – Ostrich
  • El gálapago (gah-lah-pah-goh) – Tortoise
  • El tigre (tee-greh) – Tiger
  • La chita (chee-tah) – Cheetah
  • El orangután (oh-rahng-goo-tahn) – Orangutan
  • El hipopótamo (ee-poh-poh-tah-moh) – Hippopotamus
  • El rinoceronte (ree-noh-seh-rahn-teh) – Rhinoceros 
  • El gorila (goh-ree-lah) – Gorilla
  • El pingüino (peen-gwee-noh) – Penguin

Spanish Books about Zoo Animals

Los animales del zoológico – I love the illustrations of this book and your kids will go wild for the sweet story in Spanish. It’s got great information about zoo animals en español. 

Zoo – This is a great bilingual board book with fun lift-the-flap pages that lets your kids learn all about the wild animals you can find living in a zoo. 

Dos en el zoológico – I love books that rhyme and it can be hard to find ones that rhyme in Spanish and English! If you want a fun counting book to read while you get ready for a trip to the zoo, this is a good option. 

Buenas noches gorila – With simple Spanish text, and great repetition – this is a perfect bilingual book for Spanish learners!

Zoo in Spanish - Free Spanish Worksheets

I love finding new ways to help my kids practice their new animal vocabulary on our adventures so I created these Spanish freebies. Whether we are playing bingo in Spanish, going on a scavenger hunt, or coloring away – this free Spanish activity pack will help you learn all about zoo animals in Spanish!

Learning Spanish at home with your kiddos?

Check out our play based, nature inspired Spanish resources for the whole family. If you love learning outside with your children, our online Spanish courses and materials are perfect for you. 

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