Learn about Insects & Bugs in Spanish – Free Printable Spanish Bingo

In this post: Learn all about insects and bugs in Spanish with this free printable Spanish bingo game! Post contains affiliate links.

Do you have bilingual children or Spanish students who love creepy-crawlies?! Running a bilingual forest school means that I get to know all the Spanish names for bugs and insects. While I didn’t start out particularly fond of bugs, I am encouraging myself to embrace them so that my students do the same. 

Hands-on Spanish learning is my absolute favorite way to teach children. Learning about bugs and insects in Spanish creates so many amazing opportunities to create fun and engaging Spanish lessons for kids! Before you grab your free printable Spanish bingo game, let’s learn how to talk about bugs in Spanish!

How to Say Insect and Bug in Spanish

We will start out with the basics here and clarify that while are bugs are insects, not all insects are bugs. We don’t need to get into the scientific details here but trust me when I say you need to know both words for insect and bug in Spanish. Let’s learn together!

  • Bug – El Bicho (bee-choh) – or you can be very scientific and say El Hemíptero (eh-meep-teh-roh)
  • Insect – El Insecto (een-sehk-toh)

Insect and Bug Names in Spanish

Now that we have the basics covered, we need to dive into the world of creepy-crawlies and learn different insect names in Spanish. To make this a fun Spanish lesson for kids, these are all easily identifiable for young children!

  • Beetle – El Escarabajo
  • Ladybug – La Mariquita or La Catarina 
  • Butterfly – La Mariposa
  • Bee – La Abeja
  • Moth – La Polilla
  • Caterpillar – La Oruga
  • Spider – La Araña
  • Dragonfly – La Libélula
  • Ant – La Hormiga
  • Grasshopper – El Saltamontes
  • Worm – El Gusano
  • Snail – El Caracol 

Spanish Books about Bugs

If your children love learning all about bugs in Spanish, definitely make sure you have some awesome Spanish learning books at home! These are some of my favorite Spanish books all about bugs. Not only will you learn different bug names in Spanish, but you can learn so many cool facts about insects en español. 

  • La vida secreta de los insectos – This Spanish bug book is epic! I love the illustrations, and it is full of super cool bug facts. 
  • Inventario ilustrado de insectos – This is an amazing visual guide book to have on hand. I love all of these books and this is no different. It’s a great way to learn a lot of new bug names in Spanish. 
  • El gran libro de bichos – I love all of Yuval Zomer’s books and this is no exception! Great illustrations and a lot of good Spanish info about bugs. 
  • Mi primer gran libro de bichos – I love Spanish learning books that use real photography, and this bug book is awesome. With great images, this book is an awesome Spanish resource. 

Shop these Spanish bug books

  • Sabes algo sobre insectos? – Learn different facts about insects in Spanish with this fun book!
  • ¡Insectos! – If you have an early Spanish reader on your hands who loves bugs, grab this book! It is an awesome way to practice your reading in Spanish while you learn about bugs.
  • Super Insectos – This is the ultimate Spanish insect guide book for kids. It has incredible photos, tons of information and really cool Spanish insect facts.
  • Sobre los insectos – I love using these books in my forest school for kids learning basic bug vocabulary in Spanish! This could also be a great early reader for older kids.

Shop these Spanish bug books

Get your FREE Spanish Bingo Game - Los Insectos

Once you get your Spanish bug books and you learn how to say insects in Spanish – it’s time to learn and play with your little one! Grab your free printable Spanish bingo board below to practice learning all about bugs in Spanish. 

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