~DIY Waldorf Treehouse~

In this post: Learn how to make your own Waldorf inspired tree house. Post contains affiliate links for your convenience. 

Imaginary play is such a special part of childhood and I love the beautiful wooden toys that are so often a part of Waldorf and Montessori schools. I wanted to bring this magic into my own home but without the big price tag of buying a Wooden fairy house or Waldorf treehouse. That’s where this tutorial comes into play! You can make your own Waldorf inspired treehouse for a fraction of the cost. Let me show you how.

Oh if this just isn’t my favorite thing I’ve ever made, I don’t know what is. I’m glad I gave myself lots of time to work on this before my little ones have their birthday at the end of November and it has been so fun to work on here and there these last few weeks. This is actually a very easy project to make and could even be your very first wood working project if you are up for it! All you need are the right tools and lots of imagination.

I am fortunate enough to have a small amount of woods in my backyard and was able to gather all of the materials for this outside. The only expense was the $30 or so that we spent on this board, typically the wider the board you get the more expensive it will be. For their birthday I will have it all set up with my DIY felted trees, little peg people and this new DIY felted playmat that I made (tutorial coming soon…) I cannot wait to see their imaginative play take off with this little treehouse and it feels like 3 is the perfect age for this type of toy to be introduced.

Want to make your own Waldorf treehouse?

If you don’t have woods nearby, you can also check out some of these items to use to help build your treehouse!

Large wood slice (pre-cut and sanded!)
One long wood slice- could possibly be used for base!
Birch branches- to hold up levels

Tools to have on hand:
Jigsaw – this can be used to make SO many toys.
Electric sander
Glue gun

How can this amazing DIY toy become part of your Spanish learning at home? So easily! All that I do, I try to make sure it brings Spanish hands-on learning to my children’s lives. This treehouse can help you learn all about direction words in Spanish, it can be an amazing stage for Spanish story times, and it can be a wonderful practice of Spanish texture words! Intentional Spanish play is the best way to homeschool in my opinion! 

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