Free Valentine’s Day Paper Fortune Teller in Spanish for Kids

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Welcome to another Valentine’s Day blog post! I can’t stop making free Spanish resources for Valentine’s Day this year – I am getting into the spirit of the season y’all. To celebrate this holiday of love, I’m excited to offer a free paper fortune teller in Spanish for kids. My fortune teller includes fun Valentine/Friendship themed questions in Spanish to help your children speak more Spanish while having fun. 

Simply print, fold, and play! And to make things even sweeter, I’ve included a step-by-step guide on how to make the fortune teller. This activity is perfect for parents who want to spend quality time with their bilingual children, or teachers who want to add a fun Spanish activity to their lesson plans. I hope you enjoy our Valentine’s Day paper fortune teller!

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How Paper Fortune Tellers Help Kids Learn Spanish

Looking for a fun and interactive way to help kids learn and practice more Spanish? Look no further than paper fortune tellers! These classic childhood toys can be a versatile tool for language learning. Here are four ways you can incorporate paper fortune tellers into your Spanish language lessons:

1) Vocabulary practice: Use the fortune teller to practice key Spanish vocabulary words. Kids can write the word on the outside and the translation or definition on the inside.
2) Grammar practice: Write Spanish verb conjugations or sentence structures on the inside flaps of the fortune teller. Kids can practice using them in context.
3) Conversation starters: Write conversation prompts or questions on the inside of the fortune teller to encourage Spanish dialogue and communication. That is what you will find on this free version of my Spanish Valentine’s Day fortune teller!
4) Cultural exploration: Use the fortune teller to explore different Spanish-speaking countries and cultures by writing questions about their traditions, food, or history. The possibilities are endless with this simple yet effective learning tool. 

Useful Spanish Vocab for your Paper Fortune Teller

Let’s learn some helpful Spanish words to use while you play with your fortune teller! Many of these Spanish words and phrases are useful for any Valentine’s Day game, or any game in general! 

  • Comecocos (koh-meh-koh-kohs) – This is one way to say fortune teller in Spanish! 
  • Te toca (teh  toh-kah) – It’s your turn
  • Me toca a mí (meh  toh-kah  ah  mee) It’s my turn
  • Escojo…(ehs-koh-hoh) I pick…
  • Quiero…(kyeh-roh)  I want…

How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller

Folding a paper fortune teller is easy! Grown-ups and kids alike can enjoy this fun paper activity. Follow the graphic below to see how I fold my free Spanish Valentine’s Day origami fortune teller. These graphics come in your free download (available below) so you can give them to your children or students to follow as they make their own! I recommend printing your paper fortune tellers on regular printer paper or construction paper. Card stock is too thick and makes folding a little tricky. 

step by step picture with how to fold a paper fortune teller in English
step by step picture with how to fold a paper fortune teller in Spanish

Spanish Books for Valentine's Day

Adding Spanish books is a great way to expand your language learning with your children or students. Here are some of my favorite Spanish books for Valentine’s Day.  Want to see even more? Check out my full list!

Download your FREE Spanish Fortune Teller for Valentine's Day

Are you ready to grab your free Spanish download? Just be warned, your kids will want to do this over and over again! It’s a great way to motivate them to practice more Spanish with you, so encourage them to answer each question en español and help them out if they need any support.  

More Spanish Freebies for Valentine's Day

Don’t stop at this fortune teller! Did you know that my blog is full of free Spanish resources to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Check out these other freebies:

This free paper fortune teller in Spanish for kids is the perfect Valentine’s Day activity. Not only does it engage children with its fun and interactive nature but it also introduces them to a second language in a unique way. By following my easy-to-follow instructions, children will be able to fold their own Spanish origami fortune teller and enjoy hours of entertainment with their friends. Whether you’re a teacher looking for a classroom activity, or a parent wanting to spend quality time with your child, my free paper fortune teller in Spanish is the perfect choice. I hope it helps you have fun this holiday! 

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