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How to learn Spanish at home | Amazing hands-on Spanish homeschooling resources

In this post: If you’re learning Spanish at home, you have to check out these amazing Spanish homeschooling resources.  Find the best Spanish workbooks, homeschool curriculum, and more all right here! Post contains affiliate links

When I first decided to homeschool my children in Spanish, I never would have guessed how DIFFICULT it would be to find Spanish homeschooling resources. It’s actually what motivated me to write my own Spanish curriculum for kids! I just couldn’t stand googling for hours, and coming up empty handed.

So, I decided to take all those hours of research, and my experience as a Spanish educator, and create a round up of some of my favorite Spanish homeschooling curricula and courses.

In this blog post, I’ll explore nature based Spanish resources, early elementary curriculum for bilingual children, and more to create a comprehensive Spanish curriculum within  your home.

These resources can be used if you homeschool, unschool, world school, public school, Montessori school, Waldorf School…there is something for everyone!

So, let’s jump in and explore these amazing resources for learning Spanish at home!

Table of Contents

Spanish Nature Study Curriculum

If you are looking for nature based homeschool Spanish curriculum options that can be used for a full year of learning, this is for you! Whether you are wanting preschool Spanish curriculum options, nature study Spanish curriculum for older kids, or fun ways to bring Spanish into your homeschool year – blending Spanish and nature study is a great starting point!

Spanish in the Wild

A Bilingual Nature Study Curriculum for Kids & Teens
spanish in the wild 10 (1 of 1)

This bilingual nature study course is made for intermediate Spanish learners and bilingual families alike, and will guide you as you learn all about the world around you en español. Blending nature study, science, Spanish, literature and art, this course is an amazing Spanish nature guide for your learning at home. If you are wanting a Spanish homeschooling curriculum for elementary and teens, Spanish in the Wild is perfect for you!

Cuentos Conmigo

An Early Years Nature Study Spanish Curriculum for Pre-K & Early Elementary
cuentos conmigo autumn marketing

Cuentos Conmigo is a nature-based, bilingual program that gently adds structure and intention to each season. With a focus on story based learning, connection, and hands-on experiences, Cuentos Conmigo helps you create a Spanish learning environment that is flexible, supportive, and rich in opportunity for your family.

This is the perfect gentle start to nature study and Spanish learning for families that love getting outside, play and nurturing new traditions with each other!

Con mi Familia

A Play Based Spanish Preschool Curriculum for Families Learning Side by Side
con mi familia online spanish course

This curriculum is perfect for beginning Spanish speakers wanting to learn Spanish alongside their preschoolers and young children! Con mi Familia is a screen-optional Spanish immersion preschool curriculum with videos both to help grownups learn Spanish themselves, and also optional story time videos for little ones. With this course you can create your own Spanish immersion preschool, right at home, with hands-on play at the heart of all you do!

Spanish Reading & Writing Resources

When I set out to teach my bilingual children how to read and write in Spanish, these resources were invaluable! Here are my favorite Spanish curricula, workbooks, and books for teaching children to read and write en español.

Heggerty Spanish Phonemic Awareness Curriculum

A detailed phonemic awareness curriculum for pre-k - primary

This is an invaluable curriculum to have on hand when teaching your bilingual children how to read! It consists of short, daily lessons to do with your child to help them become incredibly aware and strong readers. We combined this with the phonics workbooks below and have had an incredible time learning to read en español! I can’t recommend it enough. *We JUST buy the Heggerty conciencia fonológica book pictured here* 

The BEST Spanish Decodable Books

Accelerate reading achievement with Science of Reading decodable books.

I’ve made it my mission to find the best Spanish decodable books on the market, and I finally did! Just Right Readers makes the absolute best decodable Spanish books for young children. They are written specifically for bilingual children and Spanish speakers. I also love that each book has a QR code linking it to a short Spanish phonics lesson to further your child’s learning. The single take-home packs are perfect for homeschoolers and co-ops. 

If you’re needing Spanish decodable books for your young readers, these are the best out there.

Reading Con mi Familia

Early Spanish Phonics Workbook for Kids ages 4-7

Ready to dive into Spanish phonics with your kids? This workbook is VALUE PACKED with 200+ pages of Spanish phonics lessons, handwriting practice, word building and more. Plus you get some super sweet bonuses and (almost!) everything you need to teach your kiddo how to read in Spanish. For bilinguals and beginners alike, this is an invaluable resource to have on hand for your little bilinguals. 

Learning Without Tears Spanish Workbooks

Handwriting workbooks for various ages

These Spanish workbooks for kids learning letter formation, writing, and cursive are invaluable! I love pairing them with Reading Con mi Familia, Heggerty, and Just Right Readers decodable Spanish books to get a complete reading and writing program that works for us. LWT has a lot of different options for various age groups. 

Printed Open & Go Spanish Curriculum

Llamitas Spanish

A comprehensive curriculum that teaches the Spanish foundations for Kindergarten or beginners.

I love this resource from Llamitas Spanish! This is a great curriculum that will give you a traditional and academic Spanish Kindergarten/Early Elementary learning experience for your bilingual family. Weaving in Spanish literature, fine motor skills, and math this curriculum is a great way to be consistent with bringing Spanish into your learning at home. For families that love print and go Spanish learning, this is a wonderful option. 

Online Spanish Learning Courses

Online Spanish courses can make teaching your children another language a breeze. Check out my favorite options for learning Spanish online with kids. 

For families with kids ages 2-10
cultured kid

Not only does The Cultured Kid have an amazing and extensive screen based Spanish course for families, they also offer so many other languages (French, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, English…!) This is a great choice for families that want the language input to come from an outside source. You can still learn Spanish right alongside your children, but the pressure isn’t on your shoulders. If you are feeling nervous, or overwhelmed, but still really want your children to learn another language, this is an amazing program! Even though this is a screen-based online Spanish course, you still get some fun ways to bring it off the screen and into play at home. 

You can try The Cultured Kid for 7 days for only $1! 

Spanish Podcasts for Kids

Podcasts are an amazing, and often underrated, Spanish homeschool resource! Here are some of my absolute favorites to use when homeschooling my bilingual kids.

Nature based Spanish podcast for Kids
Spanish podcast for kids

¡Hola Nature! is a nature based Spanish podcast for kids that is perfect for beginners and bilinguals alike. Each episode teaches you about different themes in nature, from animals and plants, to the mysteries of Space. Weaving together nature study with Spanish literature, silly characters, and fun nature facts – this podcast is perfect for families learning Spanish that love to get outside. Bonus? This podcast has free Spanish printables that go with each episode making it a dream for homeschooling families. 

A Science Spanish Podcast for Kids

Tumble en español is an amazing Spanish podcast for bilingual children who love science! Fully in Spanish, this podcast will immerse your children in the wonderful world of ciencia in a fun and imaginative way. 

Classical Music & Spanish for Kids

Listen to different composers and learn all about classical music with this Spanish podcast for kids. I love having this on while my children work on their copywork notebooks or art projects. It is incredibly relaxing and educational! 

Spanish Learning Apps for Kids

I love having good Spanish learning apps on hand for easy and guilt free screen time with my kids. Whenever we do screen time, I always try to leverage it to boost our language learning. These are Spanish apps that my kids love! 

for families and kids ages 4+
ABC app for kids

This free Spanish app for kids is perfect for practicing letter sounds! I love that it teaches the sound of the letter, instead of the name, because that is proven to be one of the most useful ways to teach reading. 

This isn’t the flashiest or most engaging Spanish app for kids, but it offers great repetition and will really help your kids learn letter sounds and new vocabulary. 

for families and children ages 3+
spanish app for kids

We love this bilingual app for kids! My children love the fun games and I love that it blends math and early literacy skills in Spanish. 

This app is fully bilingual in Spanish and English and has tips for parents to help boost your children’s learning.

for families and kids ages 4+
spanish app for kids

This Spanish app has it all! Even just using the free version can get you some awesome Spanish learning for your homeschool. My kids especially love the songs, but it has fun games to help boost Spanish learning too. 

This is a great Spanish app for older kids who are ready to dive more into verb conjugations and grammar practice in a fun way. 

FREE Spanish Homeschooling Resources

As a Spanish teacher, one of my favorite things is to create new ways for families to learn Spanish at home! I have a whole Spanish FREEBIE library that you can check out. From free Spanish bingo games, to flashcards, and scavenger hunts – there is a lot you can add to your Spanish homeschool. 

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