Bilingual Baby Registry – The Best Language Gifts for Bilingual Babies

In this post: Read about the best language gifts for bilingual babies and your bilingual baby registry. Post contains affiliate links. 

I am writing this post as I sit here 22 weeks pregnant in mega-baby-prep-mode. You never really know just how type-A you are until you sit down to make a baby registry. Honestly I cannot get enough of organizing and list making lately, and when it comes down to what language gifts I want for my bilingual baby, this is no exception! 

I pride myself on my baby registry skills. After having twins, I know what is totally unnecessary and what is a life saver. Now, after nearly five years of raising bilingual kids, I also know how important those first months and years are for bilingual babies and toddlers.

Here are my favorite language gifts for bilingual babies and their families. 

Bilingual Baby Books

This is the biggest and most important language tool to have on hand for bilingual babies and toddlers. Books and stories are everything to me, both as a mom and a teacher. Having lots of Spanish children’s books on hand help build consistency with the language from a young age, and they are accessible for any age, even newborns!

Bilingual Baby Book Must-Haves:

Interactive Spanish Toys for Babies

I am a firm believer that less is more when it comes to toys for babies and toddlers. That’s why I want everything to pull double-duty and work as a plaything and language gift. I always love having bilingual baby toys on hand that help my child interact with the language in a fun and engaging way! 

Bilingual Baby Toy Favorites

  • Leapfrog Learn & Groove Shaking Maracas – I love that very young babies can interact and play with these from such a young age. You can have everything in just Spanish while they hear music, instruments, colors and more! 
  • Interactive Picture Cards – Babies learn from seeing images and hearing words repeated over and over. Having fun and engaging picture cards to look at with them is a great way to build their vocabulary en español! 
  • Bilingual Baby Blocks – Wooden blocks are a toy that will last your child for years! I love having these bilingual blocks on hand to not only play with, but to teach my bilingual baby at the same time. 
  • Baby Einstein Musical Octopus – It’s fuzzy, its cuddly, and it will help your kids hear Spanish while they play! I cannot wait to get this for my bilingual baby on the way. 

Bilingual Baby Apparel

Who doesn’t want to show off their bilingual baby in some cute gear? I always love finding small businesses that create beautiful and creative clothing for children with bilingual pride. These are especially really thoughtful gifts for bilingual families who are expecting! I always have the best look browsing away on Etsy for the cute language-centered onesies and clothes. 

Bilingual Baby Extras

If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a bilingual baby, or if you’re just wanting to give in to that nesting urge for your own bilingüito on the way – here are some special extras to grab!

At the end of the day, babies don’t need a lot! While these books and toys and extras would be amazing supports for your journey of bilingualism, remember that time and consistency are the most important. Raising a bilingual baby doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to fit your family. 

I hope that these bilingual baby gifts help spark some fun ways to help you on your journey of bilingual parenting! Whether you need a baby shower gift, or something sweet for your newest bilingual arrival, I hope I can support you on every step of your journey. 

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