Fall Crafting Fun: DIY Kite Paper Pumpkin Waldorf Craft

In this post: Create a beautiful waldorf craft: a step-by-step guide to making a DIY kite paper pumpkin. Post may contain affiliate links. 

Kite paper Waldorf crafts are a beautiful and engaging way to introduce children to the wonders of art and creativity. They are always such a beautiful addition to our windows, and a fun way to talk about the changes in nature and what’s to come each season. These easy kite paper pumpkins are the perfect fall craft to make with your kids! Make them to celebrate autumn, and then add spooky faces in October for a fun halloween craft. 

Materials to make kite paper pumpkins

You only need a few materials to make these kite paper pumpkins. The best part is that once you make these, you’ll have all the materials to make so many other fun kite paper projects! 

How to make kite paper pumpkins with kids

People always ask me how I get my kids to sit down and do these crafts. It’s simple: I sit down and do the crafts. They see me, and then they want to join in! Sometimes folding kite paper is a nice “parent project” because the folds can get pretty tricky. In that case, I always create an “assembly line” with my kids, and have them do the simple folds as we pass them back and forth. This works really well with younger kids!

Step by step guide to making kite paper pumpkins

To learn how to make these kite paper pumpkins, watch my YouTube tutorial to see each step! Remember you can slow down the speed on YouTube if you want to watch things in slow motion. 

Want to make even more seasonal kite paper crafts?!

Maple leaves

Haunted house

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