Free Spanish Alphabet Flashcards: Learn this fun Spanish alphabet song!

In this post: Grab your free Spanish alphabet flashcards! You can also learn a fun Spanish alphabet song to learn your letters in Spanish. Post may contain affiliate links.

Discover how to make bilingual learning simple with my latest freebie! I’m excited to share these FREE nature-inspired Spanish alphabet flashcards—easy to print and perfect for young learners. I created these when I started teaching my bilingual twins to read in our preschool homeschool, and now two years later we still use them for games and different activities! 

Whether you’re a homeschool parent, Spanish teacher, or language enthusiast, these downloadable free alphabet flashcards offer an easy way to introduce Spanish and get your kiddos started on their journey to becoming bilingual readers. They also have the vowels and consonants color coded as they do in traditional Montessori classrooms to help continuity with families learning in a Montessori home. Enjoy these free printable Spanish alphabet cards.

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Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

I am a big believer in teaching letter sounds before teaching letter names. That is what children need to learn when they begin their reading journey. Below I’ll share the perfect Spanish alphabet song to teach letter sounds to your children. First, let’s review the different sounds that each letter makes in the Spanish alphabet. 

Spanish Letter Name Pronunciation

A – ah
B – beh
C – seh
D – deh
E – eh
F – efe
G – heh
H – acheh
I – ee
J – hoh-tah
K – kah
L – ele
M – emeh
N – eneh
Ñ – eñyeh
O – oh
P – peh
Q – koo
R – erre
S – eh-seh
T – teh
U – oo
V – beh
W – doble veh
X – eh-kees
Y – ee-griega
Z – seh-tah

Note: Keep in mind that pronunciation can vary slightly depending on regional accents.

The Sounds of the Spanish Alphabet – what sound each letter makes 

A – /ah/
B – /b/
C – /K/ (before ‘e’ or ‘i’ it sounds like /seh/)
D – /d/
E – /eh/
F – /f/
G – /g/ (before ‘e’ or ‘i’ it sounds like /h/)
H – silent
I – /ee/
J – /h/
K – /k/
L – /l/
M – /m/
N – /n/
Ñ – /ny/
O – /oh/
P – /p/
Q – /k/
R – /rr/ (trilled)
S – /s/
T – /t/
U – /oo/
V – /v/ (often sounds like /b/)
W – /w/
X – /ks/
Y – /yuh/
Z – /s/ (or gentle /z/)

When is the best time to teach the Spanish alphabet?

The Spanish alphabet is an essential part of the language, and teaching it to kids can be an enriching experience. Research shows that the best time to teach the Spanish alphabet to kids is between the ages of 4 and 7. This is the period when children’s cognitive skills are rapidly developing, making it easier for them to learn new things. Teaching the Spanish alphabet also helps kids develop phonemic awareness, which is crucial for reading and writing. It’s best to start by introducing the most commonly used letters, such as vowels, s,m,l and p, before moving on to the others. Making the learning process fun and engaging by using games, songs, and colorful visuals can also enhance their learning experience. Overall, the best time to start teaching the Spanish alphabet to kids is when they are ready eager to learn.

Should you teach the Spanish alphabet or the English alphabet first?

The most common question I get from parents raising bilingual children is if they should teach the Spanish or the English alphabet first? Can you teach them both at the same time? 

The good news is that there isn’t necessarily one right way to do it! We chose to teach learning to read and write in Spanish first because I wanted to have Spanish be the focus for my own kids. It has been amazing to see their language skills grow and solidify as they learn to read in Spanish. This all started with learning the Spanish alphabet first!

That being said, bilingual educators and homeschoolers successfully teaching Spanish and English alphabets side by side with great success! 

Get your Free Spanish Alphabet Flashcards

You can download the printable Spanish Alphabet flashcards below! You can also find a fun Spanish alphabet song that will help you practice these sounds with your little ones at home. This Spanish ABC song will also help you learn how to pronounce the letter sounds in Spanish and is perfect for families learning Spanish at home. 

How can you use these free Spanish flashcards?

There are so many ways to use free printable flashcards when learning at home. Here are some of my favorite ways to use them in our bilingual homeschool:

  1. Use these Spanish flashcards in your morning routine. Every morning you can sing your Spanish Alphabet song during snack time or after stories. 
  2. Play a matching game where you match your flashcards with the corresponding letter (wooden, metal, anything you have on hand!) 
  3. Go on a scavenger hunt outside! See how many items you can find in nature from these Spanish flashcards. 

Sing this Spanish alphabet song with your free flashcards!

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Spanish Alphabet Books for Kids

Don’t stop your Spanish letter learning with your flashcards and song! Check out these fun Spanish alphabet books to learn even more. 

I hope you love these free Spanish flashcards as much as we have! If you’re teaching your bilingual children to read, don’t miss my beginning sounds freebie to help your children learn even more about the Spanish alphabet.