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Spanish in the Garden- Free Spanish Learning for Kids

In this post: Free Spanish garden flashcards for vegetables and tools. Learn all about the garden in Spanish with this fun Spanish garden poem! Post contains affiliate links.

This post is all about learning Spanish in the garden. Hands-on Spanish learning outside? Sign me up! Bringing your Spanish lessons for kids in the garden gives them such an amazing opportunity to see the language brought to life. Learning about your garden in Spanish will help bring a tactile and sensory experience to your new Spanish words. This will help kids remember new vocabulary, and have fun while learning!

Table of Contents

Free Spanish garden flashcards

First up in the most, you can get these free Spanish garden flashcards. These flashcards are a great way to support your children learning Spanish at home as they work with you more in the garden. There are so many ways to use these cards! You can have your children sort them into categories, play matching games, hide and seek, match the cards to real tool or vegetable…the sky is the limit as they learn all about el jardín in Spanish. 

Learn this Spanish garden poem for kids

I try not to play favorites, but I can’t help it. This Spanish garden poem for kids is one of my absolute favorites. It is a Waldorf verse with hand movements that you can watch here

Esta semillita
en la tierra pongo yo.
Le doy agua cada día
y el sol le da calor.
Mira, mira
cómo crece
ahora es una flor.

How sweet is that? A rough-don’t-make-me-think-too-hard translation is: I planted this little seed in the earth. I water it every day, and the sun warms it. Look, look, how it’s growing! Now it’s a flower. 

Spanish Garden Books for Kids

Now that you have your free Spanish garden flashcards, and this super sweet garden poem for your kids – it’s time to grab some books! These are my favorite Spanish books about planting and gardening. 

Spanish Garden Lessons for Kids

spanish curriculum for kids

Discover the magic of nature and the joy of learning Spanish with our Cuentos Conmigo and Spanish in the Wild curricula! Perfect for kids of all ages – from the early years to teens – our engaging lessons on sprouting seeds, soil, and the seed life cycle will captivate young minds while they immerse themselves in a new language. Through hands-on activities, crafts, recipes and interactive storytelling, kids will explore the wonders of nature and develop a love for Spanish. Learn more about my nature based Spanish courses and bring your Spanish lessons to life!

I hope this post helps you bring your Spanish in the garden with you! If you’re looking for even more nature-based Spanish learning, check out my online Spanish courses for kids. 

¡Happy gardening familias!

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