Learn Spanish Nature Words & Free Earth Day Spanish Printables

In this post: Celebrate Earth Day and learn how to talk about the beauty of nature in Spanish with this list of Spanish nature words, nature books, Spanish nature poems and free Spanish printables! Post contains affiliate links.

If you can’t tell by my business name, nature is my favorite. I love spending hours in the woods near my house, teaching my children and students outside, and learning as much as I can while I’m in the fresh air. One of the best places to learn Spanish with your children and students is in nature. You are able to create a hands-on and immersive environment easily just by taking advantage of the world outside your door. 

This post will teach you lots of  Spanish nature words, while also recommending bilingual books, Spanish nature poems and giving you lots of free Spanish printables.

If you are looking for great Spanish Earth Day resources, then look no further.  Below you’ll find a fun “comecocos” or paper fortune teller with engaging Spanish prompts for talking about nature and Earth Day in Spanish. You can also grab free Spanish nature flashcards. Whether you’re celebrating Earth Day in Spanish, or you’re just a nature lover wanting to learn more español, you’re in the right place!

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How do you say Earth Day in Spanish?

Earth Day is always celebrated on April 22 in the United States. Whether you’re gearing up to celebrate, or you want to turn every day into Earth Day, it’s important to learn how to say Happy Earth Day in Spanish! 

¡Feliz Día de la Tierra! (feh-lees  dee-ah  deh  lah  tyeh-rrah) – Happy Earth Day!

Día de la Tierra (dee-ah  deh  lah  tyeh-rrah) – Earth Day 

Spanish Nature Words to Learn

Next, let’s learn some important Spanish nature words. The beautiful thing about learning Spanish outside is that it is a language right environment – every thing around you is inviting you to explore and learn more. Here are 30 Spanish nature words to learn to get you started on your journey.

La Naturaleza (nah-too-rah-leh-sah) – Nature

El Medioambiente (meh-dee-oh-ahm-byehn-teh) – Environment

El Árbol (ahr-bohl) – Tree

El Arbusto (ahr-boos-toh) – Bush/Shrub

La Corteza (kohr-teh-sah) – Tree bark

La Bellota (beh-yoh-tah) – Acorn

El Pino (pee-noh) – Pine Tree

La Hierba (yehr-bah) – Grass, you can also say Césped or Paste

El Río (ree-oh) – River

El Lago (lah-goh) – Lake

La Montaña (mohn-tah-nyah) – Mountain

La Sierra (syeh-rrah) – Mountain Range

La Flor (flohr) – Flower

La Roca (roh-kah) – Rock

El Clima (klee-mah) – Weather

La Lluvia (yoo-byah) – Rain

El Sol (sohl) – Sun

La Nube (noo-beh) – Cloud

La Tormenta (tohr-mehn-tah) – Storm 

La Nieve (nyeh-beh) – Snow

La Neblina (neh-blee-nah) – Fog

El Chubasco (choo-bah-skoh) – Downpour

El Relámpago (reh-lahm-pah-goh) – Lightening 

El Trueno (trweh-noh) – Thunder

La Puesta de Sol (pwehs-tah   deh   sohl) – Sunset

El Amanecer (ah-mah-neh-sehr) – Sunrise

El Crepúsculo (kreh-poo-scoo-loh) – Twilight

La Tierra (tyeh-rrah) – Earth

La Luna (loo-nah) – Moon

La Estrella (ehs-treh-yah) – Star

Spanish Nature Books and Spanish Nature Journals for Kids

Now that you have lots of new Spanish words about nature to use, let me share some of my absolute favorite Spanish nature guide books that you can use at home with your children, or with your students. These books are meant to be bilingual guide books that can help you grow your Spanish vocabulary with nature, while also learning more interesting facts about the world around you. These bilingual books are primarily for children ages 3+ and will last for years and years of nature-based Spanish learning. These Spanish nature books are also perfect resources for celebrating Earth Day en español!

Shop Spanish Nature Guide Books

Get your Free Spanish Earth Day Printables

These free Spanish printables are perfect for learning more Spanish nature words and celebrating el Día de la Tierra! This Spanish fortune teller is an amazing way to get kids talking about our planet and how to take care of it. You’ll also find free Spanish nature flashcards with real pictures to help grow your Spanish nature vocabulary! 

Spanish Videos for Celebrating Earth Day & Learning about Nature

A Nature Based Spanish Podcast for Kids

Did you know there is a Spanish podcast for kids that’s all about nature?! It’s true. ¡Hola Nature! is an amazing podcast for kids that has engaging Spanish content, silly characters, and does a great job of immersing kids in an accessible way. It’s perfect for bilinguals and Spanish learners alike – the best part is that it has free Spanish worksheets that go with every episode! 

Spanish Poems about Nature & the Seasons

Once you have lots of new Spanish vocabulary to learn and practice at home, you can also use poetry to enhance your children’s learning. Check out these posts with seasonal nature poems to help you learn Spanish at home, or to bring into your classroom.

Spanish Nature Study for Kids

If you’re wanting even more Spanish nature study for kids, make sure you check out my nature-based Spanish courses! These courses are all inspired by nature and offer hands-on, screen free Spanish learning for families and children of all ages.  My online Spanish courses for kids are perfect for bilingual families, and families learning Spanish side by side with their children. No experience is necessary and you get lifetime access to all of the courses and materials!