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The best Spanish songs and poems for spring

In this post: Learn the best Spanish songs and poems for spring! Post contains affiliate links. 

Spring is finally here and it is an amazing time to bring some Spanish learning into your homes! One of the best ways to get your children speaking and engaging with Spanish is to teach them songs or rhymes.

I roughly translated the Spanish poems below to help you all learn but it is definitely a literal translation that lacks the beauty and poetry that we see in Spanish.

Here are some of my favorite Spanish rhymes and poems that I teach my children and my students each spring! 

Spanish spring poems for kids

Caracol, caracol
Saca tus cuernos al sol
Que tu padre y tu madre
Ya los sacaron.

Snail, snail
Take your horns out to the sun
Just like your father and mother
have already done. 

Pito, pito, colorito
¿Dónde vas tú, tan bonito?
Voy al campo de la era
A la escuela verdadera.

Whitle, whistle little colorful (bird is implied) 
Where are you going looking so beautiful?

I’m going to the harvest field
To the true school

La Primavera ha venido
nadie sabe cómo ha sido.
Ha despertado la rama
y el almendro ha florecido
y en el campo se escuchaba
el gri gri del grillo.
La primavera ha venido
nadie sabe cómo ha sido.

Spring has come
no one knows how it has been
It has awoken the branch
and the almond tree has flowered
and in the field you can hear
the chirp chirp of the cricket.
Spring has come
and no one knows how it has been. 

Spanish kid songs for spring

Los pollitos dicen 

Los pollitos dicen
pío, pío, pío
Cuando tienen hambre
Cuando tienen frío

La gallina busca
el maíz y el trigo
les da la comida
y les presta abrigo

Bajo sus dos alas
Hasta el otro día 
Duermen los pollitos

The chicks say
peep, peep, peep
When they are hungry
When they are cold

The hen looks for
corn and wheat
She gives them food
and keeps them warm

Under her two wings
All snuggled up
Until another day
The little chicks sleep

Somos como las flores – by Charlotte Diamond

Somos como las flores
En el jardín de la vida
Somos como las flores
Necesitamos la lluvia y el sol.

Sol, caliénteme
Luna, arrúllame
Brisa, refréscame
Tierra, aliméntame

We are like the flowers

In the garden of life
We are like the flowers
We need the rain and the sun

Sun, warm me
Moon, lull me to sleep
Breeze, refresh me
Earth, nourish me 

Lluvia vete ya (To the tune of Rain, rain go away)

Lluvia, lluvia vete ya
Otro día volverás 
(name of person) quiere jugar
lluvia vete ya

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
(Name of person) wants to play
Rain go away 

I hope you love these songs and poems as much as I do! Am I missing any of your favorites?

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