The Best Kids Lunch Boxes of 2022 – Teacher Recommended Lunch Box Ideas

In this post: Read about my favorite kids lunch boxes that my students use and get easy lunch box ideas for kids. Post contains affiliate links. 

Back to school is one of my favorite seasons as a teacher! The energy, the excitement, and all of the preparations just get me pumped for a new year ahead. That being said, I know not everyone feels the same way. Sometimes a new school year can feel daunting with all the gear you need to get!

Let me take the guess work out of your packed lunches by sharing the BEST kids lunch boxes. These are lunch boxes for kids that I see my students use every year. They are easy to open, fit well in backpacks, and last a long time. 

The best kids lunch boxes

Bentgo Kids Leak-Proof Lunch Box

In all my years spent teaching, this is probably the most common lunch box that I see kids using! It is easy to clean, leak-proof, dishwasher safe and has super cute prints. This can fit a good amount of food, but also fits nicely even in smaller backpacks. 

OmieBox Kids Lunch Box

If you have a child who loves to pack leftovers or warm food, this is an amazing option! My students love being able to have warm soup on a cold day, and this lunch box is perfect. I love that you can combine warm and cold foods all together. This is definitely a favorite for many families!

PlanetBox Shuttle

For stainless steel kids lunch boxes, we love Planet Box! I especially love the Shuttle box for young kids, and you can get lots of compartments to keep foods separate. This isn’t leak-proof but with a dipper container you can easily add dips or sauces. My own children love theirs, especially with the interchangeable magnets and cute reusable lunch bags. 

Austin Baby Co – Silicone Lunch Box for Kids

We absolutely love our silicone lunch boxes from Austin Baby Co. My kids don’t take them to school, but they come with us on all our picnics and road trips. These are a perfect size for backpacks, BPA free, AND they are super leak proof. On top of that, they have really cute designs and matching lunch bags

The best snack containers for kids

These days we don’t just need to worry about finding the best lunch boxes for our kids, but we need easy and reliable snack containers too! So often I see families send their children in with snacks in food storage containers that open up, leak, or don’t hold enough food for their kid. 

These are my favorite snack containers for kids. They will last a long time, and they fit well in any back pack. 

Stainless Steel Snack Containers

I am perhaps too in love with these snack containers for kids and adults! My children use the smaller ones, and I use the bigger ones for my own lunch. The quality is really amazing, they are super easy to clean, and they will last you for years of school lunches, snacks, and picnics. 

Bentgo Snack Containers for Kids

If you are a Bentgo family, you have to try their snack containers! They are a great size for any kid snack, and they fit really well into any backpack. I have so many students who love these. 

Austin Baby Co Snack Bowls

These collapsable snack bowls are awesome for babies and young kids. They take up less space in backpacks (and cabinets!) because they can just collapse away once snack is gone, which kids love. These are perfect for school snacks and to have on hand for after-school activities. 

Whiskware Stackable Snack Cups

These snack cups are super cute, and very practical for school snack containers for kids. They can fit in the water bottle side pocket of your backpack, and I love that you can easily pack three individual snacks in each food jar. The super cute designs are also a hit with kids! I have only seen these a few times in school snacks, but the kids always love them!

The Best Backpacks for Young Kids

Okay these aren’t lunch related BUT as a forest school teacher I definitely have learned a lot about good back packs for young kids. Once children reach the first grade, they can usually handle something more standard size. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners though don’t want to be loaded down with a heavy backpack!

Check out these sturdy backpacks for young children that will fit lunch boxes and a change of clothes really well. 

  • Rei Co-Op 12 Tarn is one of my favorites and it is what my own preschoolers use for forest schooL!
  • Osprey Kids Daylite Backpack is another great small and sturdy option for young children. A lot of my forest school students use this. 
  • Deuter Kiki backpacks are definitely the smallest option and are great for young toddlers and preschoolers. 

I hope this post helps you find the perfect kids lunch box for this upcoming school year! Whether you are looking for a Bento boxes for kids, or a stainless steel lunch boxes to fit all your school lunches – there is something for every family on this list. If you’re wanting more tips on the best outdoor gear for kids going to a forest or nature based school, make sure you check out my forest school gear guide!

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