20 Amazing Spanish Paper Pie Books – Usborne Spanish Titles your Kids will Love

In this post: Read about 20 Amazing Spanish Usborne Books that your kids and toddlers will love! Post contains affiliate links. 


As a Spanish teacher, I am always on the lookout for the best Spanish and bilingual books for kids and toddlers. Once I found Usborne Books and More, I was excited to check out their selection of Spanish titles! While they have so many amazing Spanish books, I have definitely gotten a few that were disappointing. 


Have no fear! I have purchased and read almost every single Spanish Usborne Book and wanted to make a post sharing the best ones. 

Why do I love these books?

Usborne Books have definitely grown in popularity over the last few years, and it’s clear why. From lift the flap books, to shine the light flashlight and sticker books, many of these books are interactive with great stories and excellent quality. If you are looking for Spanish learning books, they have a great selection to add to your bilingual home library. 


I especially love the nature books that Usborne has! There is such a wide variety of Spanish titles to help you learn about nature in Spanish and I’m sure you will love them as much as your kids. 

20 Amazing Spanish Usborne Books

Qué es la Luna

This lift the flap book is perfect for young children wanting to learn more about the moon. It has fun and easy explanations about la luna, and is one of my all time favorite Usborne Spanish titles.

1001 cosas que buscar en el mundo: Piratas

We love all of these I spy books in our bilingual forest school but my Spanish students especially love this one about Piratas! Kids love being able to find and count all of the different items on each page and it’s a great way to increase your Spanish learning at home or in the classroom.

Cuenta hasta 100

I love Spanish learning books from Usborne, and this counting book was one of the first ones I ever bought. The illustrations on each page are so much fun and it is a perfect learning companion to have to teach your children how to count in Spanish.

En la granja

Have you read any shine the light books at home? They are incredibly popular and as you read, you can shine a light through each page to see a hidden image. I’m not going to lie, I don’t love flashlight books because I always get a light shone in my eye (haha!) but every other family I talk to is obsessed. Even without the light, we still love this book to learn about life on the farm en español.

El cuerpo humano

Another shine the light Usborne book that is amazing with or without a flashlight. This is a great resource for kids wanting to learn more about the way their bodies work, and it is a really popular Usborne book.

El gran atlas ilustrado

More amazing Spanish learning books! This is perfect for Geography lessons in Spanish and will really help you learn more about different countries and continents. This is another big book that has really amazing illustrations and is super inviting to children.

Leyendo aprendiendo – el tiempo

I love the Leyendo Aprendiendo series to use with kids who are slightly older and are ready to dive deeper into certain topics. This is an amazing educational book for kids who are wanting to learn more Spanish words and phrases to help them understand the way weather works. 

Libro con solapas – Los contrarios

If you love the shapes book, this lift the flap Spanish book about opposites is a great one too!

Veo, veo por casa

If you have a bilingual toddler at home, this Spanish usborne book is a must! Seriously they are so much fun to read and it is a great way to help them engage with the language in a fun and playful way. They have two others, Por la calle and Pequeñines curiosos and we love all three!


Visto a mis amigos

Sticker books are so much fun! I love that they have sticker books with Spanish throughout to bring even more language learning to these activity books. 

Mares y Océanos 

Another sturdy lift the flap book to help your little one learn all about oceans! This book takes you throughout the world as you explore the different animals and habitats that oceans create in various climates. This would be a great Spanish book to increase your ocean vocabulary.

Cucú, ¿estás ahí?

This is another series of Spanish titles that your kids will love and it is probably the most requested book for our Spanish story time! This is perfect for young children and beginning Spanish speakers because it has great repetition and it is easy to understand. They also have one about an elephant, a fox, and a rabbit and we love them all!

El gran libro de las estrellas y los planetas

We are just starting to learn about space more at home and this Spanish Usborne book is just what we needed! The quality of this book is amazing, and my children love the pages that fold out.

Entra en un cuento – Cenicienta

I usually don’t love reading classic fairy tales to my kids, but they cannot get enough of this one. I love the peek inside aspect that has fun cut-outs on each page. This is a great story to read at home for your bilingual kids!

Mi primer libro sobre el cuerpo humano

For toddlers wanting to read more about the body, my own kids loved this book! It is a great way to increase your Spanish vocabulary while reading and having fun with your kids. My children still love reading this, even years later.

El gran libro ilustrado – dinosaurios

For the dinosaur lovers! Big books like this one really help bring the story to life and your children will love the fold out pages that help show just how big and amazing dinosaurs were. If you have a bilingual dinosaur lover at home, this Spanish usborne book is perfect.

Libro con solapas – Las formas

Another great lift the flap book for toddlers learning about shapes in Spanish! My own children and students love this interactive board book.

Libros pizarra – Aprendo a decir la hora

Wipe clean books are so great to have on hand both for your learning at home and in the classroom. They make great Spanish workbooks and let your children work independently while practicing the Spanish language. 

Un día en el colegio

Back to school just got a whole lot sweeter with this Spanish usborne title. This book is all about helping your little one practice and learn before they head off to school, and it is a great way to start preparing them for the big day.

Big book of Spanish words

For your kiddos who are learning the Spanish language right alongside you, this is a great way to build vocabulary! We love the illustrations in this book and my beginning Spanish students love having it on hand.

I hope this post helps you find amazing Spanish usborne books that your kids will love! These are all tried and true favorites in my own bilingual home, and at my bilingual forest school. Happy reading familias!

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