8 Amazing Spanish Audio Book Sites for Kids – Free Spanish Kids Audiobooks

In this post: Learn about 8amazing Spanish audio books sites for kids that are totally free! Teach your kids Spanish at home with these free Spanish kids audiobooks. *Post may contain affiliate links.

When it comes to raising bilingual kids and teaching children Spanish at home, I am always looking for new and creative ways to boost target language input. When talking about language learning, input is essentially the act of being exposed to the Spanish language you are learning or practicing. You can do this by listening to Spanish music, watching TV or movies in Spanish, reading Spanish books, or having a conversation. 

Why use audiobooks to teach Spanish at home?

Audiobooks have a special place in my heart as a bilingual mom and language teacher! For the moments when I’m not wanting to add any screen time to our days, but I want my children to listen to native Spanish speakers, I turn to audiobooks. They are an invaluable, and often free, Spanish resource for homeschooling and practicing at home. Spanish audio books for kids build listening skills and also provide amazing input, repetition, and wonderful stories your kids can connect with. 

My favorite FREE Spanish audiobook sites for kids

As a Spanish teacher, I used this website all of the time with my students! Now as a bilingual mom, my own children cannot get enough of it as well. There are lots of free Spanish short stories for kids and they also offer a paid membership option. I love that you can simply listen to the audio book or watch the video story as well. El Pájaro y la Ballena is a favorite in our bilingual home! 

They also provide written translations of the story in Spanish and English to help any family that is learning alongside their children!

Spotify is one of my favorite places to find Spanish audiobooks for kids! It is so easy to put something on your phone while you’re in the car, and I love how easy it is to build playlists. Había una vez cuentos infantiles has really high sound quality and classic children’s stories in Spanish. They aren’t super long and are perfect for kids with shorter attention spans too! 

If your children are learning Spanish at home and they are beginners, this is an amazing way to bring some Spanish into your audiobooks! These stories are mainly in English that weave in a lot of easy to understand Spanish. If you’re wanting to build confidence with your little language learners, these stories are going to be a hit. 

This is another amazing resource for kids learning Spanish at home who are intermediate-bilingual speakers. The stories are completely in Spanish but they are spoken slowly and clearly for kids to easily understand. If your children have a strong command of the language, but lack practice or confidence, these stories can really help. They also have over 100 free Spanish audio books for kids to choose from!

Almost every Spanish teacher knows and loves Unite for Literacy, but there aren’t enough families who know about this amazing free Spanish resource! It has an amazing number of free Spanish picture books for kids with great Spanish audio narration. These aren’t your classic Spanish audio books but they are a wonderful free option with great visuals for Spanish speaking kiddos! 

I could not love this free Spanish resource any more! They have wonderful Spanish audiobooks for kids with the option to watch a video as well. Hailing from Argentina, these children’s audiobooks have wonderful music and fun narration for every story while also providing important language input from native speakers. This is for intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers, and they will love using these engaging audiobooks to increase their Spanish input!

If your local library is connected to Libby, you need to grab this free App! They have lots of free Spanish books and a great selection of Spanish audio books for children. It can depend on your location and your library, but it is always worth checking out to get free Spanish stories for kids! 

These stories are actually translated from the African Storybook which is a digital initiative coming out of South Africa promoting early literacy. I love the wonderful variety in this storybook collection and you can read the pages, or simply listen to the audio in English, Spanish or several other languages! 

Of course you need to try Audible too if you are audiobook obsessed like we are! If you’re wanting to download and find more complex Spanish audio stories for children, Audible has an incredible collection. 

I hope you loved this collection of 8 amazing FREE resources to listen to Spanish audiobooks with your kids. Whether you are a bilingual family, or you are learning Spanish right alongside your kiddos, audiobooks are an amazing language resource. Let me know if I’m missing any of your favorites in the comments below!

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