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The TOP 4 Methods to Raise Bilingual Children: Free Bilingual Family Quiz

Are you ready to raise bilingual children but just don’t know where to start? This free bilingual family quiz will help you find the perfect bilingual parenting method for your family!

There are four tried and true methods for raising bilingual kids: Minority Language at Home, One parent One Language, Time and Place, and Language mixing. While there is no right or wrong way to raise bilingual kids, these methods help families stay consistent and organized with their goals.

Are you wondering what will work best for you? Take this 2 minute quiz to learn all about the perfect bilingual parenting method for your family! With personalized recommendations, tips and tricks – this quiz is a great way to jumpstart your journey as a bilingual family. 

What are the four most common methods for raising bilingual kids?

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You took your bilingual parenting quiz, and you got your personalized results with tips and tricks for raising bilingual kids. Now, are you ready to dive in? If you’re wanting even more information about raising bilingual kids, check out these awesome posts to learn more:

Take a free quiz to see what is the best bilingual parenting method for your family