Choosing the Perfect Spanish Name for Your Baby Boy or Girl

In this post: Find the perfect Spanish name for your baby boy or girl with my list of 100+ Hispanic & Latino baby names and their meanings. Post may contain affiliate links.

Are you expecting or dreaming of expanding your family? As a mother of three beautiful (bilingual) children, I’ve recently completed my journey of baby naming, and I’m excited to share the wealth of bilingual baby names I’ve collected over the years! It was always important to me that my children’s names work well both in Spanish and English so each name on this list is handpicked to work effortlessly in both languages.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional classics or contemporary favorites, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your bundle of joy among these 100+ Hispanic baby names. This list also works great if you’re a Spanish teacher who often lets their students pick fun Spanish names to use in the classroom. Happy naming everyone!

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How to find the perfect bilingual baby name

Looking for the perfect name for your baby isn’t easy! Try to just enjoy the ride and trust that at the right moment, you’ll find the best name for your bilingual baby. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for your ideal Hispanic or Latino baby names.

1. Consider Cultural Significance:When choosing a name for your baby, consider your cultural background and heritage. Names that reflect your family’s traditions and values can add a meaningful connection to your child’s identity. Explore names that resonate with your cultural roots and celebrate your heritage.

2.Personal Meaning: Seek out names that hold personal significance or have special meanings to you and your family. Whether inspired by family members, meaningful places, or personal experiences, a name with a personal touch can carry deep sentimental value for years to come.

3. Research Name Meanings and Origins: Take the time to research the meanings and origins of different names. Understanding the significance behind a name can help you make an informed decision and ensure it aligns with your values and preferences. Hopefully this blog post will help!

4. Think about future nicknamesThis part is always so much fun for me! For my son I chose his name because it sounded great in English & Spanish but also had a really cute nickname that I love. 

5. Stay Open-minded: Keep an open mind and explore a variety of options before making a final decision. The perfect Spanish baby name may not always be immediately obvious, and it’s okay to take your time in choosing. Trust your instincts and select a name that feels right for you and your baby.

20 Spanish Girl Names & Their Meanings

Looking for the perfect Spanish name for your baby girl? Check out these 20 trending hispanic baby names and their meanings. All of these Spanish girl names work well for bilingual families – sounding great in both Spanish and English! 

  • Isabella:
    – Origin: Spanish/Italian
    – Meaning: Devoted to God
  • Sofia:
    – Origin: Greek
    – Meaning: Wisdom
  • Clara:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Clear or Bright
  • Luna:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Moon
  • Valentina:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Strength or Courage
  • Lucia:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Light
  • Elena:
    – Origin: Greek
    – Meaning: Shining light or Bright one
  • Aurora:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Dawn
  • Catalina:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Pure or Clear
  • Natalia:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Born on Christmas day
  • Marisol:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Sea and Sun
  • Emilia:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Hardworking
  • Alma:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Soul
  • Juliana:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Youthful or Energetic
  • Camila:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Priest’s helper
  • Sofia:
    – Origin: Greek
    – Meaning: Sage
  • Julieta:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Youthful
  • Isla:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Island
  • Liliana:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Lily
  • Olivia:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Peace, Olive Tree

20 Spanish Boy Names & Their Meanings

For some reason, finding boy names was so much harder for me! I couldn’t find the perfect one until I woke up at 4 a.m and it just hit me. Maybe you’ll have that “ah-hah” moment with one of these trending Spanish baby names!

  • Santiago:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Saint James
  • Mateo:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Gift of God
  • Diego:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Learned or Instructed
  • Javier:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: The New House
  • Alejandro:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Defender of the People
  • Carlos:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Free Man or Manly
  • Gabriel:
    – Origin: Spanish/Hebrew
    – Meaning: God is my Strength
  • Andres:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Manly or Brave
  • Oscar:
    – Origin: Spanish/Scandinavian
    – Meaning: God Spear or Deer Lover
  • Miguel:
    – Origin: Spanish/Portuguese
    – Meaning: Who is like God?
  • Antonio:
    – Origin: Spanish/Italian
    – Meaning: Pricelessness or Highly Praiseworthy
  • Rafael:
    – Origin: Spanish/Hebrew
    – Meaning: God has Healed
  • Fernando:
    – Origin: Spanish/Portuguese/Germanic
    – Meaning: Peace or Brave
  • Ignacio:
    – Origin: Spanish/Latin
    – Meaning: Fiery or Ardent
  • Lucas:
    – Origin: Spanish/Portuguese/Greek
    – Meaning: Light or Illumination
  • Felipe:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Friend of horses
  • Luis:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Glorious in battle
  • Andrés:
    – Origin: Greek
    – Meaning: Warrior
  • Leo:
    – Origin: Greek
    – Meaning: Lion
  • Julian:
    – Origin: Greek
    – Meaning: Youthful

These names carry rich meanings and are great for bilingual families, blending seamlessly into both Spanish and English environments.

50 Trending Hispanic Girl Names

If you’re still looking for more Spanish girl names, check out the top 50 trending hispanic and latina girl names! Almost all of these names work really well in bilingual families where you want it to be easy to pronounce both in Spanish and English.


  • Mila
  • Arabella
  • Aurelia
  • Carlota
  • Catalina
  • Elisa
  • Ava
  • Nova
  • Stella
  • Lucia
  • Martina
  • Maria
  • Julia
  • Arianna
  • Lola
  • Elena
  • Maya
  • Emilia
  • Isabel
  • Dolores
  • Esmeralda
  • Ramona
  • Liliana
  • Gabriella
  • Alicia
  • Rosalind
  • Paloma
  • Alisha
  • Savannah
  • Carmen
  • Rosa
  • Angelina
  • Catalina
  • Mercedes
  • Adelina
  • Teresa
  • Viviana
  • Sierra
  • Eleanora
  • Mariana
  • Rio
  • Valencia
  • Lula
  • Luciana
  • Anita
  • Solana
  • Georgina
  • Reina
  • Elvira
  • Serafina

70 Trending Hispanic Boy Names

Needing more Spanish boy names? Take a look at 50 trending Hispanic boy names! With their timeless charm and cultural significance, you’re sure to find the perfect Spanish name for your little one.

  • Sebastian
  • Anthony
  • Christopher
  • Ángel
  • Roman
  • Emiliano
  • Benjamín
  • Samuel
  • Joaquín
  • Tomás
  • Alejandro
  • Nicolás
  • Leonardo
  • Martín
  • Bruno
  • Diego
  • Daniel
  • Maximiliano
  • Gabriel
  • Emmanuel
  • Agustín
  • Lorenzo
  • Emilio
  • Luca
  • Valentino
  • Dante
  • Isaac
  • Salvador
  • Bautistan
  • David
  • Aarón
  • Rodrigo
  • Enzo
  • Juan
  • Carlos
  • Luis
  • Jesus
  • Miguel
  • Edgar
  • Ricardo
  • Eduardo
  • Andres
  • Raul
  • Ramon
  • Erick
  • Julio
  • Arturo
  • Gerardo
  • Ernesto
  • Alfonso
  • Gustavo
  • Rodolfo
  • Gilberto
  • Cruz
  • Guadalupe
  • Rogelio
  • Reynaldo
  • Carmen
  • Adolfo
  • Hugo
  • Pablo
  • Alvaro
  • Mario
  • Oliver
  • Alex
  • Marco
  • Gonzalo
  • Marcos
  • Izan
  • Javier
  • Sergio
  • Eric
  • Dario
  • Hector
  • Guillermo
  • Jaime

25 Unisex Spanish Names & Their Meanings

In today’s ever-evolving world, gender norms are being redefined, and with it, the popularity of unisex names is on the rise. This cultural shift towards inclusivity has led many parents to seek names that transcend traditional gender boundaries and celebrate individuality. Here are 25 trending hispanic unisex names for bilingual babies!

  • Ángel:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: “angel” or “messenger of God”
  • Azul:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: “blue”
  • Baez:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Derived from the surname “Báez,” meaning “son of Baez”
  • Dali:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Variant of “Dahlia,” a flower name, or possibly derived from the surname “Dalí”
  • Elian:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Variant of “Elián,” possibly derived from Elijah or Elias, meaning “my God is Yahweh”
  • Jules:
    – Origin: Spanish/French
    – Meaning: Diminutive of “Julio” or “Julia,” meaning “youthful” or “downy-bearded”
  • Madrid:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: Refers to the capital city of Spain, Madrid
  • Paz:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: “peace”
  • Dulce:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: “sweet”
  • Alex:
    – Origin: Greek
    – Meaning: Short form of “Alexander” or “Alexandra,” meaning “defender of the people”
  • Ariel:
    – Origin: Hebrew
    – Meaning: “lion of God” or “lioness of God”
  • Charlie:
    – Origin: English
    – Meaning: Diminutive of “Charles” or “Charlotte,” meaning “free man” or “petite”
  • Eden:
    – Origin: Hebrew
    – Meaning: “delight” or “place of pleasure,” refers to the biblical Garden of Eden
  • Francis:
    – Origin: Latin
    – Meaning: Derived from the Latin name “Franciscus,” meaning “Frenchman” or “free one”
  • Indigo:
    – Origin: English
    – Meaning: Refers to the deep blue-purple color indigo
  • Kai:
    – Origin: Hawaiian
    – Meaning: “sea” or “ocean”
  • Noa:
    – Origin: Hebrew
    – Meaning: Variant of “Noah,” meaning “rest” or “comfort”
  • Sol:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: “sun”
  • Uri:
    – Origin: Hebrew
    – Meaning: “my light” or “my flame”
  • Rio:
    – Origin: Spanish/Portuguese
    – Meaning: “river”
  • Ciel:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: “sky” or “heaven”
  • Luz:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: “light”
  • Nilo:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: “Nile,” referring to the Nile River
  • Mar:
    – Origin: Spanish
    – Meaning: “sea”
  • Nico:
    – Origin: Greek
    – Meaning: Short form of “Nicholas” or “Nicole,” meaning “victory of the people”
  • Elio:
    – Origin: Greek
    – Meaning: “sun” or “sunlight”

Raising a Bilingual Baby

Choosing the perfect Spanish name for your bilingual baby is just the beginning! Once they are born you get to dive into the joyful world of raising a bilingual child, that’s when the fun really begins. From bilingual baby books, to lullabies, it’s never too early to stock your home with bilingual baby essentials!  

Start gathering all your resources now to raise bilingual babies! Grab my free resource guide below to build your bilingual parenting plan and gather resources to support you on your journey. 

I hope this post helps you find the perfect Spanish name for your baby! Be sure to share more of your favorites below to help other bilingual families looking for their perfect baby name. 

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