Colors in Spanish: Free & Easy Ways to Teach Kids Spanish!

In this post: Learn the colors in Spanish with these free and easy Spanish activities for kids. Grab a free printable Spanish game, yo tengo…quién tiene…, to practice your Spanish colors! Post contains affiliate links. 

Learning the colors in Spanish is often one of the first lessons we teach kids learning español! 

Teaching colors is a great way to introduce kids to first words and concepts in Spanish in a fun and low-pressure way. It also gives them the tools to immediately start engaging with the world around them. They can talk about their favorite colors en español, describe basic objects, and even play fun Spanish games.

There are so many fun and easy ways to teach your kids Spanish, and that’s exactly what this blog post is about. I’m excited to share a wide variety of free Spanish resources that will help you learn all about los colores in Spanish either at home with your kids, or in your Spanish classroom. Let’s jump in! 

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Learning the Colors in Spanish

First things first, I want to remind you that this blog is enabled with text-to-speech in Spanish! This lets you hear any Spanish word read aloud to help you learn pronunciation. Simply highlight any Spanish word below, then click the blue speaker icon to listen and learn. 

Alright, let’s dive in and learn 20 Spanish colors! First learn los colores primarios or primary colors in Spanish, and then learn 15 other fun Spanish colors below. Remember that some names of colors change depending on what Spanish speaking country you are in, I’ll note variations below. 

Before we jump into colors, I want to teach you a few useful words and phrases in Spanish first for talking about colors.

El color – The color
Los colores – The colors
¿Cuál es tu color favorito?  – What is your favorite color?
Mi color favorito es… – My favorite color is…
¿De qué color es….? – What color is….?

Now you’re ready to learn the colors in Spanish! 

Los colores primarios – Primary colors

  • Amarillo – Yellow
  • Azul – Blue
  • Rojo – Red
  • Negro – Black
  • Blanco – White

Los colores secundarios – Secondary colors

  • Anaranjado/Naranja – Orange
  • Beige – Beige
  • Celeste – Sky blue
  • Coral – Coral
  • Dorado – Gold
  • Esmeralda – Emerald
  • Gris – Gray
  • Magenta – Magenta
  • Marrón – Brown
  • Morado/Púrpura – Purple
  • Plateado – Silver
  • Rosa/Rosado – Pink
  • Turquesa – Turquoise
  • Verde – Green
  • Violeta – Violet

When teaching colors in Spanish with kids, you also need to learn that colors are adjectives in Spanish. Adjectives change based on the gender and number of the noun they’re describing! What does that look like?

Let’s start off with a masculine/singular noun like carro – the color would end in o.
Ex: El carro es rojo
If you’re talking about masculine/plural nouns – carros – the color would end in os.
Ex: Los carros son rojos

If you’re describing a feminine/singular noun like mesa – the color would end in a. Ex: La mesa es negra. Following the same pattern, if we make it a feminine/plural noun – mesas – the color ends in as. Ex: Las mesas son negras. 

The most important thing to remember is that it is okay to make mistakes! You don’t need to be perfect and neither does your language learner. Just keep these in mind as you learn and practice. 

Yo tengo...quién tiene...Free Spanish Printable

Now let’s have a little fun practicing our Spanish colors! This is one of my favorite Spanish games to use when practicing new vocabulary with students because it helps all different types of learners engage with the topic. 

In English the came is called “I have…who has…” and in Spanish we call it “Yo tengo…quién tiene…” 

It’s easy to play! Print and cut out your free printable below, then pass out the cards to your children or students. There will be a start card and an ending card. The person with the start card will read the sentence on the bottom, asking who has a specific color. Then whoever has that color will say “Yo tengo….” and ask the question on their card looking for the next color “quién tiene…” The game goes around until you work through all the cards and end with someone saying they have the last card!

Grab your free Spanish printable below and enjoy practicing your colors in Spanish with this fun game.

Spanish Color Songs for Kids

Songs and music are invaluable tools in any language learning setting. With great repetition and catchy melodies, these Spanish songs for kids about colors are sure to help you on your journey learning all about los colores. There are tons of Spanish songs about colors for kids, but these are some of my absolute favorites! 

Spanish Children's Books about Colors

No Spanish lesson with kids is complete for me without bilingual books! Whether you’re doing a Spanish story time about colors for kids, or you just want to have an abundance of Spanish learning materials on hand for your children to engage with, these are some of the best Spanish books about colors for kids!

Los Colores - Spanish Preschool Lessons

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If you’re wanting a hands-on Spanish curriculum for your preschooler that will take your Spanish learning outside-the-box, check it out!

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Fun Spanish Activities to Practice Colors

Spanish lessons last longer when they’re truly brought to life! Here are a few fun activities you can try with your children as they learn and practice their colors in Spanish.

  1. Color Scavenger Hunt (Búsqueda de Colores): Create a list of colors in Spanish and have kids search around the house or outdoors to find objects matching each color on the list. For example, “encuentra algo rojo” (find something red) or “busca algo verde” (look for something green).

  2. Color Sorting Game (Juego de Clasificación de Colores): Gather a variety of colored objects (e.g., toys, blocks, clothing) and have kids sort them into different color categories. Encourage them to say the color names in Spanish as they sort.

  3. Color Matching Memory Game (Juego de Memoria de Colores): Create pairs of cards with different colors written in Spanish on each pair. Place the cards face down and take turns flipping them over to find matching pairs of colors. When a player flips over a card, they must say the color name in Spanish.

  4. Painting Party (Fiesta de Pintura): Set up a painting station with different colors of paint and paper. Encourage kids to paint pictures using only one color at a time and label their artwork with the corresponding color name in Spanish. This activity helps reinforce color vocabulary while also allowing for creativity.

  5. Color Bingo (Lotería de Colores): Create bingo cards with different colors written in Spanish in each square. Call out color names in Spanish, and players mark the corresponding colors on their bingo cards. The first player to get a row or column of marked colors shouts “¡Lotería!” to win.

That’s all I have for you today! I hope that this post helps you feel confident and capable as you teach your children the colors in Spanish with these free resources. 

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