How to make your own nature globe: nature play for kids

Who says globes are just for snow?! I saw these amazing nature inspired globes on @blog.estefi.machado the other day and knew we had to make them. It combines all of my favorite things: time outside, fine motor skills for my littles, and magical nature treasures to fill my home. SIGN ME UP.

It was a dreary day, the type of day when my children beg me to let them stay inside all day, but I was victorious mis amigos and this project helped motivate us to make it outside, despite the weather! So, we put on our rain boots, grabbed our scissors and a basket, and headed outside.

If you have struggled to get your little one working with scissors with traditional paper, try taking them outside! Literally they can cut anything around them (that you say is okay) leaves, grass, flowers…it is such an amazing way to let them practice and explore while using a tool. So I let me girls go around and cut some flowers from our garden, whichever ones they wanted and then we got some pretty leaves too so we could recreate a flowering tree that blooms near our home. We also found a little stick to put inside our globe.

Then we headed inside, got a snack and then got crafting. The girls used their scissors to cut up the leaves and they pulled off the petals. While they did that, I hot glued the stick in the middle of the INSIDE of the mason jar lid (so when you screw it on, the stick is INSIDE). Then they filled the jar with all their hard-cutting-work and I topped it with water and a lid. Y’all. Magic. It was such an easy and simple craft that resulted in countless wonder as we watched the leaves and petals swirl around beautifully in our nature globe.

Spanish words to practice:

Globo (gloh-boh) – globe Tijeras (tee-heh-rahs) – scissors

Pétalo (peh-tah-loh) – petal

Palo (pah-loh) – stick

Frasco (frahs-koh) – jar

Agitar (ah-hee-tahr) – to shake

Happy crafting y’all!!