Learn Spanish for Kids – 10 Fun Spanish Activities & Resources for Kids

In this post: 10 Spanish activities & resources to help kids learn Spanish. This post may contain affiliate links.

Language learning can be fun and easy with these Spanish resources for kids. Whether you are hoping to find free online Spanish learning resources, awesome Spanish books, or fun ways to teach your kids Spanish vocabulary – this post is a great place to start as your kids learn Spanish. 

Learn Spanish for Kids - Resources

Spanish Youtube Channels for Kids

Never underestimate the power of Youtube when it comes to language learning at home! This is an incredible free resource for kids to learn Spanish with. Here are some of my favorite Spanish YouTube channels for kids:

Spanish Youtube Channels Young Kids & Babies:

Spanish Youtube Channels for Kids & Teens (teen channels are at bottom of list)

Spanish Songs for Kids

Singing songs is one of the best ways to bring the Spanish language to life. Whether you have young kids at home or you are teaching teenagers, singing works wonders for language learning. Check out these Spanish songs to help your kids learn:

The Best Spanish Learning Books

Books are an amazing language learning tool that kids love! Teaching Spanish with books allows children to connect language with pictures, and helps them learn language in context. Fill your home and lives with as many Spanish books as you can to help you learn Spanish for kids! 

Online Spanish Courses for Kids

Having an online Spanish course that you trust and value can be incredibly beneficial to help your kids learn Spanish. It can bring consistency, need, motivation and most of all – fun! I have browsed and reviewed dozens of online Spanish courses and these are my absolute favorite:

Podcasts for Kids Learning Spanish

Podcasts are an amazing way for kids to learn the Spanish language. Whether you’re looking for Spanish learning podcasts for beginners, or Spanish story podcasts to listen to with your bilingual kids – there is something for everyone! Here are some of my favorite Spanish podcasts for kids. 

  • Sesame Street en las Comunidades – My kids love this! It’s great for kids 2-6 and is a fun way to listen to native speakers while you practice Spanish.
  • Eat your Spanish – This is another favorite that I would recommend for beginning Spanish learners ages 2-6. 
  • Spanish Stories for Kids – A great story time Spanish podcast that is awesome for newer Spanish speakers and bilinguals alike. 
  • Tumble en Español – This is an awesome science based Spanish podcast for older kids. 

Fun & Free Spanish Activities

There is so much free Spanish learning you can do right at home! Teaching Spanish to your kids doesn’t instantly require any grammar lessons, you can find play based and interest led ways to teach them to language. Check out these Spanish printable freebies to find games, activities, and more!

Engaging Spanish APPS for Kids

I love using screen time as a way to sneak in Spanish lessons for kids. My children love these interactive Spanish APPS and I feel good knowing they are boosting their language learning while using them. Here are a few of our favorites. Some of them have paid options but they all have either free trials or free sections. 

Spanish Shows & Movies

Definitely don’t miss out on the incredible language learning that comes from watching TV and movies in Spanish! This is another great way to hear native speakers while putting language in context. Check out some of my favorite Spanish nature based shows on Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu!

Bilingual Brain Boosting Toys

Finding ways to bring play into your Spanish lessons for kids is super important. That’s why I love finding toys that intentionally set us up for fun ways to learn Spanish while spending time together. I have some of my all time favorite toys and gifts for bilingual children to help your kids love language learning at home! 

Spanish Audiobooks & Stories

Last but not least on our ultimate guide for Spanish lessons for kids, we have audiobooks and stories. I love having Spanish audiobooks for my kids to listen to during snack, or for quiet time. It’s a great tool for kids to learn Spanish, and there are so many free resources. We love listening to:

I hope this post helps support you while teaching Spanish to your kids! It can be so fun to learn Spanish for kids, and these resources are a great way to get started and stay consistent. Whether you are a Spanish teacher, a bilingual parent, or someone learning alongside their kids – we can all successfully raise bilinguals if we set the stage!

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