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The Best Spanish Books for Learning in Autumn

In this post: A round up of my favorite Spanish autumn books to welcome in the changing seasons. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. 

Autumn is almost here and I am ready for it! Apple cider, crisp leaves falling, acorn caps, pumpkins, and of course amazing Spanish autumn books! Book rotations are one of my favorite ways to welcome in new seasons with my children because they can really help everyone adjust to the all changes that come.

Every year my littles get so excited to see some of their favorite bilingual fall books come back into our story times. This post has Spanish fall books for every family, and it even includes some of my favorite spooky Spanish stories for Halloween.

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Spanish Books about Autumn

La calabaza rodante

Okay, I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but I just love this book. This Spanish book is about a giant pumpkin that rolls all over town. I am always excited to read it again and again every fall. I love the story, the illustrations, and the journey that this calabaza goes on.

¡El otoño ya está aquí!

My little ones love this Spanish story! It is short and sweet, perfect for younger children who are learning about autumn and all the changes that come with it. It has a sweet little squirrel named Nin who sees fall all around.

Ana cultiva manzanas

This is a perfect Spanish book for any apple unit study! I love going apple picking in the fall and can’t wait to read this one with my little ones after a fun day of manzana picking.

¡Bienvenido otoño!

This is a fun Spanish fall themed activity book for older children that is perfect for quiet learning moments or traveling. Such a great surprise for any road trip! 

¡En otoño, castañas!

A sweet bilingual book about autumn and friendship! Your children will love this story.

El huevo del erizo

This is such a sweet story about a little hedgehog who wants to hatch an egg! A perfect story for celebrating autumn treasures and learning Spanish all at once.

Carlos y la planta de calabaza

This is a great story for older children and follows the life of Carlos and his amazing squash plants. Perfect for the little gardeners in your life and such a great story that will make everyone giggle.

El conteo regresivo del otoño

Spanish and nature in one book? Sign me up! This is such a great Spanish book to learn more about the trees and animals around you en otoño while practicing your counting.

Cucú ¿Dónde estás zorrito? 

This is such a great hide and seek book in a beautiful autumn scene! Perfect for engaging your children in Spanish as you read, they will have so much fun trying to spot the zorro.


This is a great book for any beginning Spanish speaker or family learning Spanish with young children. When the autumn wind starts to blow, this book is perfect for celebrating all types of weather.


We absolutely love this book and seeing the way the seasons change is so magical. With sweet cut-outs and a great story, this will become a fast favorite.

El seto de las zarzas: Cuento de otoño 

If you love the magic of Beatrix Potter, you will adore these sweet stories. They are so magical and follow the adventures of a whole village of mice in the forest.  My children and I read these over and over again! You can also buy the full collection in English.

Cartas en el bosque

A sweet story about a mailman in the forest, delivering kindness everywhere they go. Set in a beautiful autumn forest, this story will give you all the fall feels!

In autumn, en otoño

This is a wonderful way to introduce Spanish and autumn to your children! With repetition that helps your little ones connect and learn as you read, this is a great way to start the season.

La sopa de calabaza

This is such a great Spanish book all about about friends making a delicious soup together. With sweet animal characters and wonderful friendship, this book is so fun to read this autumn.

Spanish Children's Books for Halloween

La viejecita que no le tenía miedo a nada

This is such a fun and spooky Spanish story for halloween. It has great repetition that will help your little ones learn Spanish as you read, and is a fun way to celebrate halloween. 

Boo! ¡Bu!

Such a great board book that brings Spanish halloween celebrations to your home with your little ones! This is a classic and they will ask you to read it over and over.

Leila, la brujita perfecta

We absolutely love this book about a little witch who learns you don’t need to be perfect to have fun! 

Los Monstruos Juegan…¡cucú!

This is a super sweet board book for halloween that your little ones will love! 

Vlad, el vampirito fabuloso

A new Spanish halloween book for kids all about being true to yourself. My children love the characters in all of these stories and this is no exception. It’s super sweet and the perfect Spanish children’s book for halloween!

Dibuja a la bruja

This is a great interactive Spanish book that encourages your child to draw different faces on the bruja! It is perfect for bring a little intentional Spanish play to your Halloween.

Las zanahorias maléficas 

This story is super silly and follows a bunny who can’t stop eating carrots! Then, the carrots decide to go after the bunny – it has a little spooky factor but it all works out in the end. Fun for any little one that loves a spooky Spanish story around halloween.

Los gatos black on Halloween

This is a really great bilingual book that weaves Spanish throughout the English. It is written like a poem, with a fun rhyme throughout, and your kiddos will love going on a spooky Halloween adventure with this one. It is definitely a little spooky and perfect for children who want to dive deeper into Spanish learning for Halloween.

Los Monstruos juegan ¡a contar!

My kids, both small and big, love this board book. It’s a simple counting book with monsters but they make it super fun and engaging for kids!

Want a sneak peek into my favorite Spanish books for fall?

¡Happy reading familias! I hope you love reading these fall themed Spanish books as much as I do and, most importantly, I hope you have a wonderful autumn with your kiddos! 

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