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The Best Spanish Holiday Books for Kids | Popular Books to Celebrate the Holidays in Spanish

In this post: Check out the ultimate Spanish holiday book list for kids. Whether you are looking for Spanish Christmas books, bilingual books about New Year, Hanukkah or Kwanza – this list has it all! Read more to see the list of popular books to celebrate the holidays in Spanish.

The holidays are here, and I am ready for all the things! I want snow, hot chocolate, and a warm fire to snuggle up next to while reading awesome Spanish books with my kids. I love teaching my children about holidays all around the world in Spanish, and want to make sure they learn about the special ways this season is celebrated in other countries. 

So, I put together this list of Spanish holiday books to help us all celebrate the season in different ways. I hope you find wonderful bilingual books that reflect your own traditions, while discovering new Spanish stories to help you learn about new ones. Are you ready? Let’s dive into my favorite bilingual holiday books.

Table of Contents

The Best Bilingual Christmas Books for Kids

These bilingual books are written mainly in English with Spanish woven throughout. These are amazing Spanish Christmas books for families who are learning Spanish side by side, or who want to weave Spanish holiday words into their vocabulary.

A Piñata in a Pine Tree

A fun latino twist on a Christmas classic! This book puts a spin on the 12 days of Christmas and weaves Spanish learning into every page. From the illustrations to the Spanish counting, and multicultural traditions, this bilingual Christmas book is a must have.

‘Twas Nochebuena

Another bilingual Christmas story with wonderful Latino traditions woven throughout. Learn about how this family celebrates Christmas Eve while adding some great holiday Spanish words to your vocabulary.

Too Many Tamales

Did you know that tamales are a classic Christmas food for many families and cultures?! Read more with your kiddos in this bilingual Christmas book about a young girl making tamales for the holidays.

The Miracle of the First Poinsettia: A Mexican Christmas Story

This is a beautiful story about a young girl and her journey and faith. Juanita is courageous and kind in this retelling of a traditional Mexican tale. This is a great bilingual Christmas story for families wanting to connect more with the magic of gift giving.

The Christmas gift – El regalo de Navidad

Keep the tissues close for this one! Follow along with Panchito and his family as they discover the true meaning of Christmas. This is a great Spanish holiday book to add to your multicultural library, as you and your children learn about this migrant family’s journey during the holidays.

Popular Spanish Christmas Books for Kids

If you are wanting books written completely in Spanish, these are some of the most popular (and wonderful!) Spanish Christmas books for kids and will guarantee a feliz navidad at home.

Si Papá Noel no tuviera su trineo

This Spanish Christmas story is so much fun, and the illustrations are just lovely. This book is perfect for any Spanish story time around the holidays, and your children will ask to read it again and again. Plus this could become a really fun art project connected to the book! Let your children draw and imagine Santa without his sleigh, and see what they can come up with.

Los Renos Rebeldes de Navidad

A Christmas classic from Jan Brett! We love the illustrations and story of Teeka and her determination to help Santa succeed this Christmas. If you love Jan Brett, this is an awesome Spanish translation to add to your library.

La Navidad del Camioncito azul – Navidad

For everyone who loves The Little Blue Truck, this is a sweet translation into Spanish! This Christmas board book is perfect for Spanish early learners and is a great way to practice your counting in Spanish as you read.

Si llevas un ratón al cine

My kids love the series “If you give a mouse a cookie” and this Spanish Christmas version is just as sweet! Follow along as this little mouse wants popcorn, then a special Christmas tree decoration.

Era la Víspera de Navidad

‘Twas the night before Christmas…a Spanish version! This Spanish Christmas book is such a fun spin on the classic, and is a great way to bring Spanish into your holiday celebrations.

Si los Reyes Magos no tuvieran sus camellos

Another really fun bilingual Christmas book for families that learn all about los Reyes Magos. I love the imagination in this story, and the creativity that it can spark in young Spanish speakers.

La Carta para Papá Noel

Do your children write letters to Papá Noel every year? This Spanish Christmas book will bring new life and imagination to your Christmas letters this year. Your children will adore the sweet illustrations, and inviting story with a surprise ending.

Awesome Spanish books for Hanukkah

Hanukkah Moon

This is the sweetest bilingual Hanukkah story for kids, as we follow Isobel on her way to Mexico to celebrate Hanukkah with her family. She learns all about new traditions as this special holiday is celebrated in Mexico. This is an amazing multicultural and multilingual story of family, tradition, and love. This book is mainly in English with some Spanish words woven in.

20 Letters about Hanukkah

Learn all about Hanukkah traditions in English and Spanish in this sweet bilingual book for kids! This is also a great way to work on your Spanish alphabet with kids as you learn.

Feliz Januca

A super sun Spanish Hanukkah coloring book for kids! This would be an awesome bilingual Hanukkah gift or activity book to have on hand for the holidays.

Es Hanukkah

This is a great book to introduce children to the magic of Hanukkah in Spanish! If you are learning Spanish as a family, this would be an awesome way to bring your language learning together with the magic of Hanukkah.

Spanish Books for Kwanzaa

Celebra Kwanzaa con Botitas y sus gatitos

A family celebrates Kwanzaa together but needs to find their missing cat! Learn all about the seven principles of Kwanzaa as they work together to find their missing gatito. This is a fun story to read in Spanish for Kwanzaa with your littles.


This is a great Spanish book for early readers to introduce them to Kwanzaa! Expand your Spanish vocabulary as you learn all about how people around the world celebrate this special holiday.

El Cuansa

Another great book to learn more about the magic of Kwanzaa in Spanish. This book has awesome repetition for Spanish learning, and it even has a glossary to help you learn while you read.

Bilingual Books for New Years Eve

Feliz New Year Ava Gabriela

This is a great bilingual book to learn about new traditions for celebrating the New Year. Ava Gabriela has a hard time finding her voice amidst the chaos of the holidays, but soon feels right at home with her family. This bilingual New Year book is mainly in English with lots of Spanish woven throughout.

Es el día de año nuevo

Learn all about New Years Eve in Spanish with this short and sweet picture book. With a table of contents, glossary, and real images, this is an awesome bilingual book to learn about different traditions and ways of celebrating the New Year in Spanish.

Books for Inclusive Holidays

Navidad sin chimenea

I love this book as a way to teach children how to respect and learn about different holidays celebrated in winter. This is a great Spanish holiday book to read this season, as Ana learns that her way of life isn’t the only way to do things!

What do you Celebrate?

Across the globe, we celebrate different holidays in different ways. This book is in English but it is a great way to teach your children all about special holidays across the globe.

Let’s Celebrate – Special Days Around the World

Another book in English but this is a great way to bring multicultural learning to your holiday. I love the pictures and lyrical text in this book, and I’m sure your little ones will too!

Phew, alright familias, that is one epic Spanish holiday book list! I hope you are able to find the perfect bilingual book for your little ones this holiday, and let me know if I am missing any of your favorites in the comments below. ¡Felices fiestas familias!

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