The Ultimate Bilingual Gift Guide – Gift Ideas for Learning Spanish

In this post: Looking for the perfect Spanish gift for bilingual kids? This is the ULTIMATE bilingual gift guide, with present ideas for every language lover in your life. This post contains affiliate links.

The holidays are coming up, and it is a time when so many of us are looking and searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. I wrote this bilingual gift guide to help take the guesswork out of giving this year! In this post you will find perfect gift ideas to help your children learn Spanish at home, awesome Spanish inspired nature gifts, bilingual book suggestions, and more. Everything in this gift guide is geared towards helping you raise bilingual children, and have fun doing it!

This post isn’t just for kids – keep reading to see some awesome gift ideas for bilingual families who love learning Spanish together!

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Let's Get Shopping!

Gift Ideas for Spanish Learners

Habbi Habbi

I absolutely love these bilingual books! They are especially wonderful for children learning Spanish at home. I love that the Reading Wand will help them interact fully  with these books all on their own. My own children love reading these, and they especially love that every part of each book is interactive! From engaging music, to sound effects, and wonderful new Spanish words and phrases; these books are a treasure for bilingual families!

Bananagrams en español

This is the perfect gift for older bilingual children who love to spell! Banagrams in Spanish is such a fun way to practice your español at home with the whole family. This game would be a great gift for any bilingual family.

BOHS Spanish Literacy Wiz

If you are raising bilingual readers, this literacy game is a must have! This is an amazing way to help your children learn how to write in Spanish and is perfect for bilingual preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Spanish Books for Beginners

Want bilingual books for learning Spanish at home? Check out this post highlighting some of my favorite Spanish books for beginners! These would be perfect for any holiday gift.

Yoto Player

These screen free story tellers are such a fun way for kids to take charge of their own learning! I love that they have a small but growing Spanish story library, which makes it a perfect way to increase your Spanish learning at home without increasing screen time. Check out my favorite Spanish Yoto Play Cards here!

Spanish Wipe Clean Books 

These are awesome Spanish activity books to have on the go! I love wipe clean books because they can be used over and over again, and they are so fun and interactive. This would be an awesome gift for any Spanish learner or bilingual preschooler in your life. 

Talking Bilingual Posters

I am absolutely obsessed with these interactive Spanish learning posters and so are my kids! They are an amazing resource for learning letters in Spanish as well as colors, numbers, and fun songs. This is a really fun gift to help your kids learn Spanish at home or in a classroom. 

Gift Ideas For Bilingual Nature Lovers

Spot it – Animal Game

This is perfect for bilingual children who love animals and nature! This game is interactive, hands-on and so much fun. It is easily turned into a Spanish game for kids by using Spanish words as you search for new images on the pictures.

Match a Track

I love this animal track matching game! They have a very expensive Spanish version, but you could easily turn this English game into a bilingual one by using Spanish animal names. This is perfect for any children who love learning about animal tracks, and want to expand their knowledge of animals in Spanish!

Animales – Spanish Animal Guide Book

This book is huge and a wealth of knowledge for your bilingual children. This is such an amazing resource to have on hand when you are learning Spanish at home. If I had to pick one Spanish nature book to have, this would be it!

Geode Kit

For any bilingual kid who loves crystals, this is such a fun and easy gift to help them learn more. Explore the colors, shapes, and textures of these geodes in Spanish as your child plays. This gift is the perfect bridge for science and Spanish learning with play.

Peterson’s Field Guide to Coloring Birds

I love Woodlark shop! This coloring guide for birds is perfect for learning more about birds in Spanish. Even though it is in English, it can easily be translated as you work. With coloring pages, and stickers, your bilingual bird lovers will love this gift.

Gift Ideas For Bilingual Adventurers

Kidamento Digital Camera

How does this awesome camera for kids become the perfect bilingual gift? You can turn any photo into a Spanish storytelling experience with your family! Let your nature loving children run free with their cameras and then use the photos to make fun nature stories in Spanish. USE: NINOSANDNATURE to save 10%!

Field Microscope

This is such a fun nature gift for children who love science! Study leaves, plants, flowers, bugs, or dirt with this fun microscope! This turns any adventure outside into a fun Spanish lesson when you bring in new words, and maybe even a few songs or poems.

Walkie Talkies

Want to get your bilingual child to really practice their minority language? Give them a Walkie Talkie that can only be used in that language! Give each other fun code names and send them on a scavenger hunt and have them ask for clues in Spanish! I promise, this is a game changer for bilingual adventure lovers.

Magnifying Glass

This is the perfect little gift for anyone who wants to study more in nature. Whether looking at new bugs, the moss on a tree, a mushroom, or anything else they find – magnifying glasses are awesome tools for bilingual adventures outside!

Spanish in the Wild

The gift of learning! Spanish in the Wild is my engaging and hands-on bilingual nature study curriculum for families. If you love learning Spanish at home, and you want to help your bilingual child learn even more Spanish in nature, this course is an amazing gift that will keep on giving!

Gift Ideas For Bilingual Families

Con mi Familia

The best gift of all for a bilingual family, is learning Spanish side by side! If you are learning Spanish alongside your children, or if you have bilingual grandkids or cousins you want to connect with more, this course is perfect for you! With a screen-free, play based approach, Con mi Familia helps you learn Spanish at home.

Learn A New Language Together with The Cultured Kid

Who says you need to stop at two? Raise multilingual kids and learn a new language right alongside them! The Cultured Kid makes it so easy to learn languages at home. If your bilingual child has been wanting to learn French, German, Italian, Mandarin, English or Spanish, this is a fun place to start!

Open Ended Toys for Bilingual Kids

Now, if you know me well, you know I will only tell you to buy toys if it is something that I couldn’t make at home (or that would be too tricky to be worth it). I will be sharing some amazing open ended toys to help you learn Spanish at home while you play, that are worth the investment. Make sure you are subscribed so you do not miss my Handmade Toy Gift Guide coming soon!

Pretend Wooden Food

This one is a clear front runner for Spanish language input! We love having lots of wooden food for cooking, to pack on our imaginary adventures, and so much more. The Spanish language possibilities with these open ended toys are amazing. You can get some cute ice cream shop sets, or a food set so your kids can open their own bilingual restaurant. They even have wooden sushi sets that your kids can practice making! So many gift options for your bilingual child.

Magnetic Marble Run

Marble runs are top on my list for something I have tried to make over and over and never succeeded. I finally just broke down and bought this one for my kids and WOW is it a hit! I love that it is magnetic, they can build with all their other magnet blocks, and their Spanish while they play is next level. Practicing words like – arriba, abajo, dentro, and questions like ¿a dónde fue? and ¿dónde está el mármol? Make my bilingual mamá heart soar. This is an awesome open ended toy that your bilingual child will love!

Alright familias, I hope this bilingual gift guide helps you on your search for the best bilingual toys for learning at home! Whether you are looking for gifts to help your kids learn Spanish at home, fun open ended toys to foster language learning, or some epic adventure gear – I hope you find the perfect gifts for this holiday season!