10 Easy Spanish Songs for Kids – Spanish songs for PreK and Kindergarten

In this post: Learn 10 easy Spanish songs for kids! These Spanish songs are perfect for preschool and kindergarten. Post may contain affiliate links. 

I will never forget my first year spent teaching in the classroom. I had a class full of energetic preschoolers but I had a hard time getting them to repeat words with me in Spanish! Then I realized that the key to getting young children to speak more in a second language is singing. The moment I brought Spanish songs for kids into our learning, their language output exploded!

Many of us have moments where we wish we could get our bilingual children speaking more in another language without adding pressure. We know we don’t want to make it a rule or a chore, we want to nurture a true love of language learning. That’s where Spanish songs for kids come in. Let me break it down a little more. 

Why are Spanish songs for kids so useful?

Learning Spanish can be tricky, especially for children who don’t speak Spanish consistently at home. That’s where songs in Spanish come in – they provide necessary elements for language learning.

Think about it – singing in Spanish provides repetition, rhythm, movement, connection, and it helps them practice complex sentences in a low-pressure environment. All of this is super important when you want to teach Spanish to young children. 

How to use songs to teach the Spanish language

Now that we are on board and understand why Spanish songs are such an amazing tool to teach children Spanish – we need to learn how to effectively use them. 

I love to break them down into small chunks and teach a new part each day. I will teach children about 3-4 verses at a time, and make sure we sing it several times over together each day. By the end of the week, they usually have a full Spanish song memorized! 

Don’t forget to add movement if you can! If you can find a way to get your little ones up and moving while you sing in Spanish, this will also help them remember. 

10 easy Spanish songs for kids

Now you can learn these easy Spanish songs for kids! These are perfect to use in your Spanish classes or at home with your Spanish learners. You will find a mix of traditional Spanish songs, folk songs, and contemporary songs for kids. I am also including links to Youtube videos with each song to help you learn!

Los Pollitos

This is a classic Spanish song you don’t want to miss! You can add fun hand movements for your little ones to do as you sing. I also love getting the bilingual book to go with this Spanish song to make it even more engaging. 

La Vaca Lola

Be careful or this song will get stuck in your head for weeks! This is an easy song in Spanish for your children to learn and we always have fun singing it any time we see cows in the car!

Los elefantes se balanceaban

This is a great song to practice the Spanish language and get a little counting practice in as well. We love to sing this song in Spanish and act it out while we sing! 

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El Barquito de Papel

I love teaching my bilingual children this Spanish song while playing in the tub! It is perfect to teach young children and it guaranteed to bring smiles to any bath time while you sing. 

Si estás feliz

Many of us know and love this classic children’s song in English “If you’re happy and you know it” – this is the Spanish counterpart. It’s a great way to bring movement into your singing and has amazing repetition to help your children learn Spanish! 

A mi burro

If you’re learning about the body parts or clothing in Spanish, this is a fun Spanish children’s song to sing. It would be fun to sing this song and put on all the items of clothing that you sing about!

Somos como las flores

I know I shouldn’t play favorites but I just adore this classic Spanish song for children. It has such a beautiful message and I love the connection to nature in it. 

Sol Solecito

My children are obsessed with this Spanish song. They cannot get enough of it and I love pairing it with the cute board book to practice days of the week in Spanish!

Veo veo

Any time I can bring a Spanish game into a song we are learning, I am all in! I love playing Veo,veo (I spy) with young children in Spanish and this song is a perfect accompaniment!

Bajo el fuerte árbol de la nuez

I adore all of the songs on Elizabeth Mitchell’s Spanish album, but this is one of my favorites! I love singing this Spanish children’s song outside with my students. 

Looking for even more Spanish songs for kids? Check these out!

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