Free Printable Spanish Bingo Board – Learn Animals Names in Spanish

In this post: Get your free Spanish bingo board to help you learn woodland animal names in Spanish with your kids! *Post may contain affiliate links.

One of my favorite ways to help children practice their listening comprehension in Spanish is with Bingo. You have amazing repetition, exposure to print connected with images, and it is fun! This free printable Bingo board is the perfect way to help your children or students learn the Spanish animal names for common woodland animals.

How to use your free Spanish Bingo printable?

This is an easy print-and-go Spanish lesson for kids with little prep work required. You just download your printable bingo cards, print them out on cardstock, and laminate them if you want to help keep them fresh. 

If your children have never learned animal names in Spanish before, spend some time helping them feel confident. You can print your bingo calling cards (one in English and one in Spanish) to create a fun matching game for your children to help them learn.

Take your Spanish Learning off the Page

Extend your Spanish learning with this bingo board by using it as a jumping off point for more hands-on activities. Pick some of your favorite woodland animals and create art projects to learn more about them. Make a sensory bin experience for younger children using fun plastic woodland animals. Read Spanish books and poetry, maybe you can even watch a nature documentary in Spanish! There are so many ways to help your children learn the different animal names in Spanish while they play.

Want more resources to help you learn animal names in Spanish?

I have spent years combing through the best Spanish nature books and nature guides to use with kids! Whether they are for our own Spanish library at home, or for my bilingual forest school, I can never get enough animal books! Here are some of my favorites for learning more about animals in Spanish. 

Spanish Nature Guides for Animal Study

Spanish Picture Books about Woodland Animals

Love learning about Spanish in nature?

For families who love nature based Spanish lessons, make sure you check out my bilingual nature study course, Spanish in the Wild. Our seasonal autumn study has a whole lesson dedicated to woodland animals!

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