Fun Fall Learning with Kids: How to Say Pumpkin in Spanish

In this post: Have fun learning with your kids this fall as you discover how to say pumpkin in Spanish and learn different parts of the pumpkin. Post may contain affiliate links.

Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner! It’s time to start thinking about costumes, decorations, and of course, pumpkins. But have you ever wondered how to say pumpkin in Spanish?

This weeks episode of the ¡Hola Nature! Podcast is all about CALABAZAS! Teaching your kids how to say pumpkin in Spanish is a fun and interactive way to introduce them to a new language and grow their Spanish skills. In this blog post, we will review how to say pumpkin in Spanish, as well as different parts of the pumpkin. You’ll also find engaging Spanish books for kids about pumpkins, and a few fun pumpkin themed crafts to do!

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How to Say Pumpkin in Spanish

First things first, we need to learn how to say pumpkin in Spanish. Keep in mind that the word for pumpkin in Spanish can also be used for other winter squash! The main difference will be in the context, and will depend on the country you’re speaking Spanish in. Let’s review the word for pumpkin en español as well as different parts of the pumpkin. 

Calabaza (kah-lah-bah-sah) – Pumpkin

Tallo (tah-yoh) – Stem

Semilla (seh-mee-yah) – Seed

Pulpa (pool-pah) – Pulp/Meat

Want to hear the pronunciation for all these new Spanish words? Tune in to Episode 3 of the ¡Hola Nature! podcast.

Spanish Poem about Calabazas

In the third episode of ¡Hola Nature! we also started to learn a poem all about pumpkins. Below you can find the full poem en español. Want a super cute print out in Spanish and English? Grab it from the podcast freebie library. 


Calabazas grandes
Calabazas pequeñas
Calabazas furiosas
Calabazas risueñas 

Calabazas felices
Calabazas muy tristes
Calabazas miedosas
Calabazas deliciosas 


Large pumpkins
Small pumpkins
Furious pumpkins
Smily pumpkins

Happy pumpkins
Very sad pumpkins
Scared pumpkins
Delicious pumpkins 

Spanish Nature Study about Pumpkins

Want to learn even more about calabazas at home with your children? Check out my Spanish nature study curriculum for kids. 

For your little ones, Cuentos Conmigo is the perfect introduction to nature study en español. With recipes, stories, poems, and fun crafts – this is a perfect early childhood learning resource for families. 

Want something more in-depth for your older children? Spanish in the Wild is the only bilingual nature study of its kind! Perfect for children ages 6+, dive into Spanish with science experiments, crafts, literature, games, and more. 

The best part is both of these courses have a lesson specifically on pumpkins! Use code: GRACIAS10 to save. 

My Favorite Children's Books about Pumpkins in English and Spanish

Anytime I am learning about a specific theme or topic with my children or students, I try to have a few books on hand to help bring it to life. Here are some of my favorite books in Spanish or English all about pumpkins. 

Tune in to Episode 3 of the ¡Hola Nature! Podcast

Are you ready to dive in to learning all about pumpkins in Spanish with me? Check out this week’s episode to learn even more about calabazas in Spanish with poems, silly characters, and some super cool pumpkin facts that will blow your mind! 

Access the Podcast Freebie Library

With each new episode of my Spanish podcast for kids, you will get a FREE Spanish printable resource to use. This week you can find a coloring page, a fun print out of the poem, and a printable poster with different parts of calabaza labeled in English and Spanish. This is a password protected page. You will need to click below to get the secret password and access your freebies! 

I hope you love learning all about pumpkins in Spanish with me! If you have an idea of what you want to see on another episode of the podcast, comment below. 

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