8 Spanish Songs & Poems to Celebrate Thanksgiving

In this post: Learn 8 Spanish songs & poems to celebrate Thanksgiving and to help your children express gratitude this holiday. Post contains affiliate links. 

The Thanksgiving season is a perfect time to teach children about gratitude and being thankful for all the blessings in their lives. What better way to do this than through Spanish poetry and song!? That’s why I compiled a list of 8 Spanish songs and poems to celebrate thanksgiving that are perfect for kids.

These beautifully express the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness that we all feel during this special season. Whether recited at a family gathering or read at bedtime, these bilingual rhymes are sure to inspire children to reflect on the things they are thankful for in their own lives.

Join us as we learn Spanish and explore these wonderful Thanksgiving poems that celebrate the importance of showing appreciation for the people and things we hold most dear.

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How to Say Thanksgiving in Spanish & Other Phrases

First things first! Let’s make sure we know how to say Thanksgiving and other useful holiday phrases in Spanish. 

El Día de Acción de Gracias – Thanksgiving Day 

Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias – Happy Thanksgiving 

Mil gracias – Many thanks (A thousand thanks – literal)

Gracias por todo – Thank you for everything

Doy gracias por… – I’m thankful for…

Agradecer – To be grateful

La gratitud – Gratitude


Spanish Thanksgiving Poems for Kids

A la madre tierra,
le damos gracias,
por el alimento
que nos da.

Damos gracias,
damos gracias,
por nuestra salud
y bienestar

Rough English Translation:
We give thanks
to Mother Earth

for the food
that she gives us. 

We give thanks,
We give thanks,
For our heath
and wellbeing. 

Tierra, esto tu fruto nos dio.
Sol, esto tu luz maduró.
Sol y Tierra bien amados
Siempre serán recordados.
Gracias, Gracias
Buen apetito para todos

Rough English Translation:
Earth, you gave us this fruit.
Sun, your light ripened it.
Sun and earth you are well loved
You will always be remembered. 
Thank you, thank you
Good appetite to all

Cantan alegres los campesinos
llevando grano a sus molinos,
cortan el trigo, recogen centeno
para que amase el buen panadero,
van a huertos, recogen sus cestas, tomates rojos, coles y berzas,
cae tarde sobre el sembrado,
llegan a casa ya muy cansados,
este es el tiempo de la cosecha,
damos las gracias, ¡viva la fiesta!

-Cancionero Estacional Waldorf

Rough English Translation:
The peasants sing cheerfully bringing grain to their mills,

cut the wheat, collect rye
to please the good baker,
they go to orchards, collect their baskets, red tomatoes, cabbages and collards,
it gets late on the sown field,
they arrive home, very tired,
this is the harvest time,
we give thanks, long live the party!

Spanish Thanksgiving Songs for Kids

Keep your Spanish learning going this Thanksgiving with these fun Spanish songs for kids all about giving thanks and being grateful! 

El Día de Acción de Gracias Song

Al Pavo, Pavito, Pavo Canción

Canticos Thank You, Gracias - A Thanksgiving Song for Kids

Día de Acción de Gracias Song by Music With Sara

Yo soy un Pavo - I am a Turkey song by Spanish Together

The Best Spanish & English Books for Thanksgiving

Grab these quick picks for some of my favorite books about Thanksgiving in English and Spanish. 

More Spanish learning about Thanksgiving

Want even more FREE Spanish learning about Thanksgiving for kids and some free printables? Check out this post for Spanish freebies, craft ideas, and more!

I hope that this list of Spanish songs and poems will inspire you and your family to celebrate Thanksgiving in a meaningful and fun way. Whether you are a native Spanish speaker or simply want to introduce your kids to this beautiful language, these Spanish songs and poems about Thanksgiving  offer a great opportunity to do so. By singing and reciting these pieces together, you can connect with your loved ones and express gratitude for all the good things in your life. So, gather around the table, light some candles, and enjoy the sounds and rhythms of Spanish as you give thanks this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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