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Free Easter Guide with Spanish Lessons for Kids – Have a Happy Easter

In this post: Ready to have a Happy Easter? Check out this free 30+ Page Easter Guide with Spanish activities for the whole family. Post contains affiliate links. 

Easter is right around the corner and it is an amazing time to help your children and students learn even more Spanish. This post is your go-to guide for celebrating this holiday while you practice your Spanish. You will find engaging Spanish Easter books, fun Spanish songs and videos about Easter, hands-on Easter crafts for kids, and of course our free Spanish Easter printable packet!

Whether you use these free Spanish Easter resources at home or in your classroom, ¡I hope this Spanish Easter Guide helps you have a Feliz Pascua!

Table of Contents

Spanish Easter Phrases and Pronunciation

To start off your free Spanish Easter guide, let’s make sure we learn some helpful Spanish phrases to celebrate Pascua. Once you can say ‘Happy Easter’ in Spanish, you can learn these extra phrases to practice even more with your children and students. 

¡Feliz Pascua! (feh-lees  pahs-kwah) – Happy Easter

¡Feliz Semana Santa! (feh-lees seh-mah-nah  sahn-tah) – Happy Holy Week!

Búsqueda de los huevos de Pascua (boos-keh-dah  deh  lohs  weh-bohs  deh  pahs-kwah)

El Conejo de Pascua (koh-neh-hoh  deh  pahs-kwah) – Easter Bunny

La Cesta de Pascua (sehs-tah  deh  pahs-kwah) – Easter Basket

Top 5 Spanish Books for Easter

One of my favorite ways to learn Spanish with kids is with books and captivating stories. Here are my 5 favorite Spanish books for Easter. 

¡Es Pascua!
This is a great book to help you learn more about Easter traditions in Spanish. I love the realistic photos throughout to help bring this Spanish Easter book to life. 

El Conejito Andarín
This is one of my absolute favorite Spanish stories to read to my children. It is perfect to take out for spring and Easter. This Spanish book follows a little runaway bunny with a mamá who will follow them anywhere. 

Saltarín y el conejo de Pascua

A sweet story of friendship and kindness between an arctic hare and the easter bunny, this book is a keeper! I can’t get enough of the gorgeous illustrations in this Easter book.

La sorpresa de Mamá Coneja

Follow along with Mamá Coneja and her 8 little bunnies who want to help get ready for Easter. With beautiful lyrical text, and a sweet story, this is one of my favorite Spanish Easter books for kids!

Huevos de Pascua

This is a quirky Spanish book with really captivating visuals! Unlike any Easter book you have read before, Huevos de Pascua will delight the imagination of your little ones as they learn Spanish with books. 

Fun Spanish Easter Songs and Videos

I am a firm believer that you can’t learn Spanish without some great songs! I love singing with my students and children, it is such an amazing way to help them learn new Spanish vocabulary while having fun. Here are my favorite Spanish Easter songs on Youtube and fun Spanish Easter videos. 

Spanish Easter TV Shows for Kids

Our Easter in Spanish studies continue with some great Spanish TV shows you can watch with kids this holiday! 

Free PDF Spanish Easter Activity Pack for Kids

Who doesn’t love free Spanish resources?! Download your printable Easter worksheets and keep your free Spanish lessons going! There are over 30 pages in this free Spanish activity pack to help you celebrate Easter at home or in your Spanish classroom!

Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t give you all a few hands-on craft ideas to do at home with your kids this Easter. As much as I love Spanish songs, and stories, I really can’t get enough of fun projects. Here are some great ways to practice Spanish this Easter with your kids while you craft. 

Additional springtime Spanish resources for kids

Are you looking for even more spring themed Spanish learning for kids? 

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